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The F.A.T. Guy

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 11 May 2011

We have recently been blessed with a new videogrpaher whose story is too amazing not to be recorded. We have therefore asked him to briefly share his journery so far. May you be as inspired by this story as we are!

As a passionate Engineering student, life is demanding and extremely tiring. As an unmotivated and emotionally drained Engineering student, life becomes a whole other story. So in my first year of study, at Tukkies, the fact that my relationship with God took a dive shouldn’t have been a surprise. But unfortunately I only realised it way after it was too late.

My name is Tim Lewis. I grew up in a Christian home, saved from a young age, the whole bundle; a happy existence. Comfortable. So with all this good support and solid foundation, the world was my oyster and I thought I couldn’t put a foot wrong. Big mistake. What I thought would simply be my first year of university also turned into the darkest year of my faith. I left God in my wake and indulged in the world, but thankfully after a year, God said, “No more.” So through a Christian friend of mine from university I made the last recommitment I ever intent to make. God started working in my heart in ways I had never allowed him to work before. It took a good few months of difficult challenges and a lot of hard lessons but my relationship with God finally flamed into existence, flourishing for the first time! Part of what God started working in me, was to reshape my passion and my calling from what I had destined myself to be, to what he had designed me to be.

What I have learnt through this is that for God to be able to work in our lives we have to live up to the word F.A.T. We need to be: Faithful, Available and Teachable. So at last after 20 years I had been faithful in recommitting my entire heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:30). Faithful, check. Secondly, He had to make me available. I was already struggling in a few of my subjects and my marks kept dropping and after a lot of a prayer I felt God moving me in a direction outside of Engineering. So I deregistered from a few of my subjects which gave me a lot of free time. Available, check. Finally, I spoke to a few of my friends who were doing an internship at my local church and I offered if there was anything I could take off their hands, to help with their busy timetables. From this I got involved in filming our youth events. Now I must tell you, my first video was terrible…but quickly God started to bless me in that area and I mean quickly. I had to be humble enough to let people teach me the mountains of knowledge I was lacking. Teachable, check.

I got involved in the filming at the beginning of April. I was asked to film at the church youth camp that month. Then asked to work on a video to thank sponsors for the funds they gave towards a church sporting event. By the end of the year I was leading the filming of a training DVD, including a 5-part play and several training videos, which will be distributed to over 1000 churches internationally to train them in running holiday clubs in 2010. These holiday clubs will impact literally hundreds of thousands of kids. I was then asked to head up the Media and Production of a summer camp run by the Baptist Youth of South Africa, where about 1300 teenagers attended. This is where I met Rolf Hagemann , director of 3D-Outreach, and where he offered me the great opportunity of working with them.

But throughout this time, and still today, I saw myself as the least of all Christians and would question why God had placed me in such a position to do work with film and how I would be able to impact His kingdom. Eventually God gave me a revelation of what my role is. As Christians, the Lord has set the standard we should be living up to, a standard even higher than that of the world’s standard, and I think this applies to Christian media as well. My role is to bring his message to the nations in a way that will draw the attention of the society we live in.

In specific regards to 3D-Outreach my role is more direct. The sad fact is that missions need money. But the children of God out in the mission fields with the vision are not always the ones with the money. So my role is to help share that vision in a real way, with the people who have the money. To be a mediator between the two. To share what the needs are and to share the celebration of God’s glory as He works in the mission field. Through this, both missionary and sponsor feel that they know that their needs will be met and that the money is going to a worthy cause and being put into effective use.

God has been doing amazing things, but the best part is that I can only boast in Him. Without his grace and guidance I would still be working myself blue and failing miserably in Engineering. God has opened up so many doors and to Him be all the glory. He has revealed to me a talent he had already given me, and showed me how that talent can uniquely impact His kingdom.

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