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May Intern Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 21 June 2011

The Intern Team has recently returned from their second outreach into the Inner City of Pretoria. They were divided up into different teams and ministered into different situations. Here are their personal accounts of their two week ministry time:

Tarryn: Our team was based in Pretoria and worked alongside The Coffee House ministry. For this outreach I was a co-leader of my group alongside Samuel, a 20yr old from Sweden. We participated in a number of ministries, we did street evangelism, where we used many creative ways to reach out to people, such as drama, picnics, mime, clowning etc. We also did childrens’ ministry in a park and in a local creche, where the children were so grateful to have attention. The creche we went to had about 100 children between the ages of 2 and 7, so we had an interesting time entertaining them and sharing the gospel. But the children were lovable and some of them even cried when we left. Another ministry we were involved with was the coffee house itself which runs a feeding scheme/soup kitchen in the evenings. We ran a programme including worship, drama, message, and then a meal which is served followed by many conversations. They have between 70 and 120 people who come for the meal, all are men and majority are homeless. I discovered that many of them were Zimbabweans, and so was able to have some good conversations with them. We also helped out at their drop in ministry where boys living on the street come and attend a similar programme and then are served a meal at lunch time.We helped out at the shelter, which is a place for teenage boys who used to live on the streets, and we got to share and minister to the boys and build relationships with them. Again many of the boys were originally from Zimbabwe, and took great delight in the fact that I know a little bit of Ndebele and was able to communicate to them in their language. One of the highlight ministries for me was the ladies of the day, and night (prostitutes). We had the opportunity to go out and chat to these ladies, share the gospel and build relationships with them. The Coffee House offers these ladies a way out if they want to leave prostitution, they find them rehabs, and help them develop skills so that they are able to get another job. So we encouraged those that we could to think about this proposition. We would take the ladies small gifts e.g. Sweets with scripture verses attached, and just talk with them and show them love. I met some Zimbabweans who were in the business in order to support their families back home. Many of the ladies that are on the streets are also addicted to drugs, and my heart was really broken for these beautiful ladies who had so much pain in their lives and are so very lost. It was an amazing opportunity to hear some of their stories and be able to encourage and love them with Christ’s love, something they do not really see very often. The other highlight ministry for me was prison ministry. We went to a local juvenile (I think between 18 and 25yrs) prison. The prisoners are all still awaiting trial and have not yet been convicted, although some have been there for up to about 6 years awaiting trial. Some are imprisoned for something as small as stealing a chocolate and have been there for years. The prisoners were so responsive to our talk and programme, and many were friendly, nice, normal guys, not as I really expected them to be. Most were very open to the gospel and it was a great experience.

Elsie: We are back from our second outreach and I can honestly say it was very emotional. We did various ministries on the outreach. These included: Ladies of the Night – we went early in the evening to the streets of Pretoria and ministered to prostitutes. They did not always have time to talk to us cause they work. Most girls are owned by pimps who control them. The guys went to the park and talked there with the men (not all pimps). Shelter Kids – there are children who come off the street and have sometimes run away from abusive homes. We shared with them and did a program with the children. Street Evangelism – we had the chance to share with people at Marabo City, Sunny Park Mall and Park Church. Prayer Night – each team had an evening to pray for the other teams. We were at the Union Buildings during our prayer times which was amazing. Soup Kitchens – we had the chance to serve street people with food. This gave us an opportunity to talk to them and get to know them better as well as share with them. It was difficult for me to see what is going on in South Africa and how we ourselves turn a blind eye to the things we do not touch. We drove through a town and saw the girls so young and beautiful, but little did we know that they had to sell their bodies to keep themselves and family alive and may even have a drug problem.

Moshibudi: Over the past two weeks I have been on Inner-City Outreach where we got to work with prostitutes, the homeless, boys from a shelter, loads of kid’s and prisoners. It was really so amazing. I am continually grateful for all your prayers and support when I go through these amazing learning experiences. I learnt very quickly that God is our only satisfaction. I was blessed to meet so many wonderful people who reminded me of that. I met a homeless man named Brian. He had next to nothing yet he was full of life and more eager to serve God than a lot of people. I am included in the ‘lot of people’, I feel as though I have so much yet I am so quick to complain and be ungrateful. I have really learnt to appreciate the little things in life. The people in my life who have made little comments which make me laugh. I can now joyfully appreciate the little blessings of each day. And I know that through everything, Brian never failed to trust in God and therefore I am encouraged to do the same.

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