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The New Guys on the Block

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 26 July 2011

We are very excited about the two guys that are joining our Intern Team! Both guys completed training with our three girls and therefore know each other well and have a good foundation. We have asked them to share a bit about themselves with you:

Hey, I’m Donovan Cawdry, I’m 22 years old and I come from Durban, South Africa. I am joining 3D-Outreach for two months during their trip to XaiXai, Mozambique. This is because I have been there on previous missions trips through my home church and this opportunity is an answer to prayer as I have wanted to stay there for a few months since the first time I went there. The missionary we are going to is, amazingly, the same one that my home church has worked alongside for years. During my time in XaiXai, I hope to experience God in greater ways than before and draw nearer to Him. Over the last 5 months, I have grown in compassion and love for those who are in need and have no opportunity or hope. It has become a burning passion on my heart to give hope and opportunities to those who have none, to show the abandoned and the lost that they are valued and worth God sacrificing His Son. I hope that during my time in XaiXai, God will teach me even more about compassion and love as well as showing me where He wants me to be in the future with the engineering degree He has blessed me with.

Hey my name is Eric Meyer, I’m 24 years old and I come all the way from New York City in the USA. I became a Christian at 19 through campus group ministry. I really was impacted by experiencing God’s unconditional love and I made the decision to commit my life to Christ. My passion has always been for people and to help those that are emotionally and mentally suffering, and now understanding that Christ is at the center of everything. I also saw the Spiritual aspect of suffering and I wanted to help people see Christ and experience his unconditional love. I came to South Africa to join a missions discipleship training course to see if God wanted me to live out my passion through doing missions. Through the training, God did give me a calling to missions and I was excited to join 3D-Outreach after the course to have more practical experiences in missions and be able to really impact people’s lives. I really believe God is going to do amazing things through my 4 months here with 3D-Outreach.

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