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A Mozambique Experience

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 18 August 2011

At the beginning of August we took a team to XaiXai, Mozambique for a ten day outreach. The team worked with a local missionary pastor in the local village and had the opportunity to participate in a host of different ministries: children’s ministry (orphanage, bible club and cell groups), old age home mininistry, bible studies, preaching, worship, prayer walks, building relationships etc. We have asked two of the guys to share their experience with you:

AJ: I have had the tremendous privilege of being involved with cross-cultural ministry in Xai-Xai Mozambique. I must confess that before going I was a bit anxious. Firstly, I have never been out of South Africa, secondly I did not know the team I would be going with, and thirdly I had no idea what to expect in Mozambique. In spite of all this I was very excited. I prayed that God would use me in some way and that I would grow through the experience…and boy did God answer my prayers!

I must say that the 3D team was amazing! It really was wonderful to see how God’s love can bring different people together. The times we spent praying, worshipping and ministering together was very special to me.

Being in Mozambique was like embarking on a new adventure every day. My faith was stretched as we went to the old age home, orphanage and hospital. Seeing the need there broke my heart, yet I know that God sees great worth in all people and so should we. It really was such a pleasure for me to minister there with the team. I also had the opportunity to lead some Bible studies and cell groups. People were truly zealous for God and really had a desire to be taught by the Word. Just being in Church worshipping with the local people was such a blessing to me. I must confess that the language barrier made things a bit more interesting. However that was just another area God used to stretch me. Ministry is not always about words, it’s also about action, and you probably know that actions speak louder than words. I still remember the faces and personalities of people I met in Xai-Xai. They are now part of my life and I continue to pray for them by name.

This trip has been a life changing experience for me. It has given me a greater sense of mission and a bigger passion for ministry. I also see God in a much bigger way than before. Going back home was more difficult than I thought it would be. The people there really crawled deep into my heart. I would love to go back there again in the future to help where possible.

I praise God for all He did and for all He will continue to do. Let’s remain faithful and offer Him our very best.

Mark: My expectation of the trip was to grow and be stretched. I wanted to experience ministry out of my comfort zone. This is what happened, I experienced ministry cross borders both geographically and culturally.

This was not the first time that I have done a mission trip outside of South Africa, but this trip was very different to the ones before. I think being in a culture that I have never experienced before was an opportunity to grow and a challenge.

There was some culture shock that I experienced. We went to encourage the people at the old age home. When I drove in I saw the old people lying outside on a mat or on the dusty floor in the sun. They have been rejected by family or have no family to look after them. We were told that many of the people in the home were just waiting around to die.

When all the people were gathered together under a big tree, the biggest culture shock of the trip for me happened. The old women walked up, put there mats down and sat on the floor. The women on our team did the same thing. While us, the male guests were given chairs to sit on, this is culturally acceptable.

A highlight of the trip for me was to be able to preach on the Sunday morning in front of 300 people. It was not the crowd that was the highlight but rather the story behind the crowd. Pastor Antonio was sent to Xai Xai as a missionary from Maputo. He started a bible study in his house with 6 people which grew to 100 people meeting in his house. Then they built the church and it is still growing. It was awesome to see that God was at work in Xai Xai. There is still so much more opportunity in the area.

Another was the trip to the orphanage. To see children that have been rejected and abandoned with huge smiles on their faces. Simple things from a hug to chasing them around to tickle them brought such huge smiles to their faces. Those memories will not be forgotten.

This trip was more than just a good time but rather a mind changing experience. We can get caught in our own ideas of what ministry should be and how ministry should be done, but when we enter a different setting we need to be adaptable. We need to understand that we do not know everything and that we are still able to learn.

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