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August Intern Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 19 September 2011

Ministry Update:
Xai Xai August 2011

The Intern have been in XaiXai, Mozambique for a month already. Below is an update of the various ministries they are involved in.

In the beginning, I think all of us wondered about how we were going to make an impact here. However, as time has gone on, we have really connected with the people here. I think the highlight for us has definitely been talking to each person who lives there at their house individually. Each person has their own story, some of them sad and some of them encouraging, but just being able to spend time with them, love them, encourage them, and share the Truth with them makes our time there so worth it. It seems all the more necessary when some of the people who work there put down or disrespect the people who live there, which we have witnessed a couple times. It’s our hope that the people here will know that God loves and cares for them so much even in this stage of their life and even in the circumstances that they find themselves.

I think the orphanage has been the toughest place for all of us to experience. The kids have really made a special place in each of our hearts and when we minister we can’t help but just feel totally broken. Many are there because they’ve been abandoned or unable to be cared for, and when they come to a place where they should be protected, the orphanage doesn’t always provide the best place for it. Many are neglected, abused, and uncared for and it is just so heartbreaking to see it. Our hope is that while we are here we can just give a little hope to them, and while we can’t be there longer than the 2 months we are here, we are hoping that through prayer that God can change their lives and not let the difficulty of their lives ruin these precious children that God has created. We just hope that through teaching about God and showing love to them that their lives will be changed. More than any other ministry I think our hearts are with these kids the most.

These ministries are very similar, the only difference is that in discipleship we go to the houses of people who have gone to church but have stopped for some reason, whereas in door-to-door we go to an area and just go from house to house. I have to admit, there was a little doubt at first as to how effective these ministries can be, especially being from an area where this type of ministry isn’t very fruitful, but we have seen God really work through this ministry. In both, people have been very open and honest about their struggles and we have been able to encourage them, and they really do take the encouragement to heart. There have actually been a few from discipleship and door-to-door who have come to the church now! Being able to be there for them and seeing their hope in Christ renewed has brought to joy to us and it has been such a blessing to see fruit from these ministries.

For a while it was hard to understand what our role was here. We couldn’t talk with the people here because of the language barrier so it was us just praying for someone after Jose figured out what was wrong and moving on. To an extent I think some of us still hope for a bit of more interaction but it’s nice to be able to pray for people and some of us really enjoy spending time praying for people because so many of the ministries are more doing things. We just hope that God will work in their lives and that they know that God cares for them.

One of the ministries that was started around the 4th week we were here is helping Jose with his kids clubs that he runs. We go to 3-4 a week and during each one we prepare a lesson, games, and songs to teach the children. The ability for creativity makes it a lot of fun, using acting, puppets, and other interactive things to keep the children attentive. The kids we have for this are in less desperate circumstances than the ones in the orphanage and so being here is less bittersweet than the orphanage but we just hope that the teachings minister to them just as much.

We have carried on doing bible studies for the people of the church, and it has been a great opportunity to receive and give the word of God. Usually one of them and one of us speaks a short study along with a few songs, and it has been a great opportunity to grow and learn.

I think we all enjoy the Sunday services so much! We’ve definitely loved the dancing and singing and Pastor Antonio’s messages are very convicting and encouraging. Don and Eric have also had a chance to speak and so the Pastor has given us a chance to be involved as well and it was definitely a good experience. We love Sundays!!!

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