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Summer camp 2012

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 30 January 2013

Summer camp:

Every December we are invited to host a mission’s workshop and outreach at a youth camp in Barkley West.



140 young people joined us for 2 days of training and 1 day of ministry at the local township in Kimberley.


The theme for the outreach this year was ‘Flashmob’ Evangelism. This is a form of street evangelism. It consists of 3 parts.

DSCF0141 (640x480)


1: Grab as much attention as possible,

using any means, eg: dancing and singing.


DSCF0128 (640x480)


2: Do something of meaning,

eg: a story, drama or song that is gospel centered.


DSCF0102 (640x480)


3: Share the gospel with an

individual or small group of people.



There were a number of people that made first time commitments to Christ. Others heard and felt the love of Christ for the first time. Everyone’s lives were touched!

The campers thoroughly enjoyed this type of ministry and came away with amazing stories. Here are but a few:


Attending an outreach programme was really one of those “Oh no I’m too afraid to do this” moments in my life but thankfully I had more than enough support and encouragement from my youth family. The outreach programme was a 3 day commitment programme and I was put into a group of 10 people. Each person was assigned specific tasks namely singing, acting, testimony and magic because the audience we were to address consisted mainly of young children. It had to be one of the most extraordinary moments of my life. It seemed an overwhelming task at first but after we begun dancing, acting, doing magic tricks and sharing testimonies, the children began flocking. Without any voice I proceeded to lead the choruses that we sang letting the children choose each one as we travelled through the streets. It was extremely incredible. The incident that most gripped me was when 3 adult women asked for us to pray for healing for them. I had never before in my teenage life prayed for a sick person with such a mass surrounding me but one could swear the Holy Spirit showered over me because my prayer for a woman with a problem with her legs encompassed my whole being and just escaped from me. It felt as though I had just given her a whole piece of my being. Both the woman and I ended up in tears. I think that God  has opened up my mind to the fact that if non-believers believe that we, as his disciples, can heal them and cast out demons through prayer we should believe that he can do greater things in our lives.


“The Summer Camp Outreach was a useful, encouraging, and revealing experience. Useful because I learned how to do “Flash Mob Evangelism” which proved to be surprisingly effective. Encouragingbecause I saw young people using their considerable talents for Kingdom growth. It was a joy seeing them share their faith with delight. Revealing because I saw yet another rural community that is dying in sin and needing the full spectrum of gospel-ministry. This outreach programme is a powerful and necessary component of Summer Camp.”


“My experience at 3D outreach has changed my life so much that I’m not the same person as I was before, I’ve learnt to be patient in everything I do. I’m now able to go and reach out to people to tell them why they are here on earth and who is Jesus.”


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