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Summary of 2012 intern team

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 8 February 2013

Our 2012 intern team had an amazing year of ministry, personal growth and building relationships. The team started in February with OM training. When the training was completed the team went on various missions outreaches to Zimbabwe, Margate and Lesotho here are a few highlights from their year:



The team built benches for the Mawabeni Baptist Church. They were able to bless them with a church full of benches ready to hold many souls yearning for the gospel.



After they had finished they found out that this church had been praying for new benches and in God’s amazing providence he answered their prayer using the intern team.


The team also spent time at an agricultural college where they ministered to the apprentice’s. The team’s aim was to build relationships with the

apprentice’s. They held bible studies, started dance and music clubs, helped them in the fields and mentored them.

Margate: The team spent 2 weeks working with Crusade for Christ and went on an outreach to the Transkei, where they were involved in local churches doing children’s ministry, door to door ministry and helped out with other aspects of the life of the church. The 2 weeks also allowed them to link up with a number of local Natal churches and be involved in general CFC ministry.

IMG_5256Lesotho:  Another 2 weeks was spent in Lesotho assisting the Excell’s, a missionary couple who recently moved to Lesotho. The team spent their time doing street evangelism, children’s ministry, bible studies, and helping the Excell’s get to know the community. Strange as it may seem, one of their highlights was helping the local chief plaster one of her new huts with mud and dung.

After a year of intense training, life changing ministry and God centered personal development , the team graduated on the 1 December.  We thank the Lord for their service in His Kingdom and wish the team all the best in their new endeavours.


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