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2013 Intern update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 20 March 2013

It’s unbelievable that the interns have been here at 3D-Outreach for 5 weeks already. 3 young people, each from different backgrounds, arrived all excited to begin their journey at 3D-Outreach on 2 February. We had a group of 25 people join us on Orientation Day, which included the families of each of the interns, local pastors who have been involved in 3D-Outreach training and staff members. We had some yummy food, a meaningful devotion and an awesome talk by Rolf Hagemann.

The interns then started off with a week of orientation, which included communal living, perseverance, etiquette and how to do a devotion. Once they started to get a bit comfortable we took them off to Adventure camp where we took them through an obstacle course, a few team building activities and an intense hike that put the term ‘perseverance’ to the test. This experience was a highlight for the interns and they came home with many exciting stories.

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Since the team came home they have been involved in intense training and we have had the privilege of welcoming outside lecturers to talk on various topics such as: dealing with your past, genealogies, photography, journaling, social skills, the doctrine of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, just to name a few. We at 3D-Outreach would like to thank the lecturers for the incredible training that they have provided, we are truly grateful for your input and we know that God will continue the good work that you started. Thank you for the time and effort spent in preparing for your lectures.

DSCF0423One of the major highlights was getting the chance to go to Hands on Tech, and be trained on how to use and play with Lego and Duplo in a meaningful way and this could be used on the mission’s field. Children love playing with Lego and the interns could use this as a starting point to spread the gospel. Playing with Lego and Duplo has huge educational benefits and we found it incredibly interesting and a whole lot of fun!

We had the awesome opportunity to take the interns to Mozambique and help with the flood relief by blessing the people with groceries, read more about the journey on this website.

Please pray for the interns as well as the staff as we continue the training and equipping process.

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