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Mozambique Flood Relief – March 2013

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 20 March 2013

Earlier this year, we placed on our website that the floods had hit Mozambique. It was devastating as it displaced thousands of people from their homes. We were involved in an initial flood relief, by taking bags of clothes and food over the border. During that trip, local pastors asked if we could help out by providing buckets filled with enough groceries to feed a family of 5.

Praise be to God that a few weeks later a donation came through that enabled us to purchase over R20 000 worth of groceries. It took some planning to organize a trailer big enough to cart all the groceries, and then with the list from the pastors, to find good prices, so that we could fill as many buckets as we could. Makro was a great source and the people there were very helpful.

So, with over 90 buckets and about 1,5 tons of groceries, we took a weekend out of our schedule and were able to drop off the buckets to the people in Mozambique. We left early on the Saturday morning and traveled at a slow pace, since we were hauling a massive trailer behind us. At the border, we were unsure whether they would allow us through with all these groceries but with lots of prayers and by God’s amazing hand, before we knew it they waved us through and we were in Mozambique. Praise the Lord!



Once we arrived in Maputo, we were hosted by YFC Mozambique who were incredible in helping us physically pack the buckets and allowing us to stay overnight. They were very kind to us and we thank them for their hospitality.


BucketsSunday morning had us break up camp, and early in the morning head off to the village. About 4 hours later, after negotiating bad roads, we arrived at the village with many people gathered. It was a moving experience to finally be there, and not only tell the locals that we love them but also to show them. The local pastors had lists of the most needy families. They each received a bucket for their family, and it was amazing to see them walking home with a simple item that the Lord had blessed them with. We will never forget the opportunity God gave us to touch this small group of people.


Bucket on head

It was an eye-opening experience for the interns, as this was their first time in a rural ministry context, read how God touched them…





Wow! My first mission’s trip was going to Mozambique. It was an amazing journey and I am so grateful to being doing God’s work. Seeing 90 families getting food was amazing to see. The only downside was the driving, it was a long drive, but I got through it. I loved every minute of it.


Going to Mozambique was such an eye opener, but an amazing experience. I thank God that we could help those people and that I could be there. It was a long drive and hard work but it was awesome!


Mozambique was definitely an amazing experience, we were thrown into an environment that we had been training for and God brought us through. Several prayers were answered and God made it very clear that He was in control. We drove through with 90 buckets full of groceries and took them to the village where we shared a verse and distributed the buckets, the looks on their faces made the 2 day drive totally worth it.

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