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You are never too old

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 2 April 2013

A few months ago, we helped a group of 7 people from Pietermaritzburg travel to Vilanculos, a town in Mozambique, to work with a missionary couple.

audio booksThe main goal of the trip was to partner with the missionary in providing audio Bibles to communities that are illiterate. Today it is estimated that over 1 billion people are illiterate. Mozambique has 43 languages, 23 million people and 70 % illiterate. How can they know if they have not heard? Today the way to bring reformation to the illiterate church and communities across the world is by using current technology to make God’s Word available to all, through Mp3 audio Bibles recorded in the languages of those in need.

The team from Pietermaritzburg ended up handing out about 40 audio Bibles to 3 different villages. It was an incredibly life changing trip to those in the village AND those from Pietermaritzburg. On returning home, the team thought that it was all over, but it was all but over – God had more…


IMG_0468 IMG_0864

IMG_0839 When the team returned home from Pietermaritzburg, they wrote a newsletter to their supporters telling them about their amazing journey. One of their supporters is a 90 year old lady who lives in Sweden. She was challenged by their story and wanted to get involved in missions in some way. She made a donation to buy more audio Bibles. The Pietermaritzburg group bought 50 audio Bibles in the local language ‘Xitshwa’ with that money. They then sent the 50 audio Bibles up to the missionary couple. This was an awesome way to bring the message of God to people who could not read or write.

So here is a lady who is 90 years old! 90!! And she was able to help! What can you do?

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