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Intern training complete

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 30 May 2013

We have recently dropped off the interns at their first long term outreach in Lesotho. As we look back on the training process, we are incredibly grateful to God for how He has provided for us. The interns were really given good quality training by various external lecturers who took the time to come and impart their expertise to them. We as staff were also privileged enough to sit in on the lectures and come away feeling enriched. We would once again like to thank all the lecturers for the incredible training that they have provided, we truly appreciate your input and we know that God will continue the good work that you started. Thank you for the time and effort spent in preparing for your lectures.

IMG-20130326-WA000One of the major highlights on training were the three exposures we gave the team. This is when the interns are exposed to different ministries and they are able to put into practice what they have learnt during training. The first exposure was urban/inner-city ministry. We took the team to a soup kitchen in Pretoria, where they served homeless people a hot meal, sang in worship with them, shared testimonies, preached  and got to spend time with them around the dinner table. They even had the opportunity to sleep on the streets, so they could have the full experience of what it would be like to be homeless. Nathan was really touched by this experience….

The experience was life changing, we got to sleep on the pavement with some homeless people in Sunnyside Pretoria, and we didn’t sleep a wink. It rained all night, we slept on cardboard boxes all night and I have never learned more in one night, ever in my life. I have huge respect for them now and pray for them a lot more often. It was also so amazing to lead someone to the Lord after I preached on salvation….Nathan Reyneke, 3D intern.

IMG_0087The next exposure was inter-faith. The interns spent a week learning about different religions, such as Islam, Hinduism, Mormonism, etc. The training included the history of each religion, what the belief system is and how to effectively minister to a person in that religion. We were able to take the interns to a Mosque, a Hindu temple, and joined in a typical ZCC church service. The team came away with a burden to pray for them but also with a better understanding of those who don’t know Christ as their savior and therefore be more compassionate and less judgmental. Shelly truly learnt a lot during this exposure…

Wow what an eye opening experience! These people believe so strongly in their religion and fight for it. The Hindu’s, Muslims and Zionists that we met were all so welcoming and such amazing people. The religion I found most interesting was Islam. The mosque we visited was so beautiful. I really learnt so much and I’m thankful for what I’ve learnt….Shelly, 3D intern.

The last exposure was rural. We took the interns to a church in Swaziland, where they spent 5 days ministering to the church as well as the surrounding community. This was an awesome opportunity to put all their ministry training into practice. They were involved in children and youth programs, door to door visitations as well as cell groups and preaching. It was an incredible experience for them, and even though this was technically a ‘practice’ round, there were many instances where we felt God had ordained meetings and ministry opportunities. It was also a great opportunity for them to work and grow as a team. Chantel was particularly moved by this experience…

DSCF0365Well in the last few weeks we did 3 different types of exposure’s which also included urban exposure.

The one that stood out for me was our rural exposure in Swaziland and to minister to a church called Hope House. In the 5 days we were there it taught me, in so many ways, to see that even though they have so little, they do have one thing which is love and joy which helps them get through the hardships they go through every day. I’m amazed at it….Chantel, 3D intern.

As was mentioned before the team is now in Lesotho. It is such a beautiful country with friendly people who are just hungry for God. To wake up every morning to the breath taking expanse of the Lesotho mountains, makes one feel so small and insignificant, yet God has brought the team to this very place in order to fulfill His very significant plan in bringing people closer to Himself. It is a privilege for the team to be part of that plan.

The team will be there for the next 2 months, ministering in and around the community.DSCF0078

They will be involved in children and youth programs, a lot of practical work, door to door visitation as well as preaching. Please will you pray for them that would have the strength, wisdom and love to minister to the Basotho people.

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