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Dr Randy relocates to rural Mozambique

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 August 2013

IMG_1930One of our key focus areas is to mobilise individuals. That literally means that we come along side an individual who has a heart to get involved in missions and we walk a journey with them and help them explore God’s calling on their lives and what He has in store for them in missions. One such person is Randy. Randy, a doctor from the US, came through to Mozambique, last year, on a medical trip that we facilitated, and during his experience there, God called him to come back and be part of the hospital full time. The journey that led up to Randy deciding to move to Mozambique full time was challenging.  Randy and his wife always felt called to missions, they had applied to a missions board for a post but it never worked out. God eventually led them to be foster parents, and they ended up fostering 20+ children. During these years they adopted 4 children, and through this experience God taught them to depend on Him for strength. In the next few years they experienced an unsettling time in their church and their clinic. This caused them to acknowledge that God was moving, and directing them to ask where He is leading them. This is Randy’s wife Janice’s experience: “Our pastor preached on how God sometimes uses good people to make bad things happen in our lives to make us change, or move-which is exactly what was happening. And then he shared a vision, a vision close to his heart about a hospital that was in desperate need of a …doctor. I told him that day he should talk to my husband. Randy spoke to our pastor, and the rest is history. Randy went to Mozambique last year and  came back ready to turn right around and go back.

IMG_7690This year our family went and while we were sitting out under the Mango tree in front of the hospital talking, the team dreamed about what we wanted to do there at the hospital and for the people there.

I shared how we needed so much money to go, that unless some major money comes in, in the form of a grant I wouldn’t have to worry about going. I was safe. But then a few nights ago, God spoke to me. What if it isn’t His Plan to have a new house, or even a nicer hospital? Would I still go if it’s just a room in the hospital for us to stay, could I still go and share God’s love with those beautiful children, would I still go and support my husband as he works harder than he has every worked before to help those who have no help.

You know, sometimes God really has a sense of humor. For this trip I wanted to bring my little Bible, that I hadn’t used for several years and when I opened it up, right in the middle were sermon notes from 2003. The Message title “Can I Trust God With My Life?” At the end of my notes I had written, “Look for a way to do something great for God!!”. Do Something Daring. Trust God!

What if my neat little plans for my life, that at this point are looking pretty shredded, are not God’s plans

Then Randy and I say have your way Lord, whatever it is. We will go if you want us to go.”IMG_7731

Randy and his family will be moving to Mozambique next year, 2014. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to relocate and start this new journey.

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