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Intern update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 August 2013


Our first formal outreach for our interns was to Lesotho, little did we know how cold it would be during the months of May and June. It seems like Lesotho was an incredible experience. Enjoy reading Nathan’s experience…


I was in Lesotho from the 13th of May to the 15th of July. It was my first outreach for my year at 3D-Outreach. It was full of unforgettable experiences such as getting a Sotho name from the chief, killing my own food for the first time, helping to build pit toilets, and just being able to bless the missionary and locals with ministry and practical work. One memory stands out; I got to smear a traditional Lesotho hut. They mix fine sand and cow dung together to make a muddy consistency. It was an interesting experience.


I was staying with a missionary couple, and their son. They were amazing; they took me in like one of their own and started introducing me as family.


Over the last two months I have developed a new meaning for missions and have a new passion for it, I know now that this is where I fit into God’s plan and that this is where I will be until He tells me to move.


There is and always will be a part of me that stayed in Lesotho and I have promised myself that I will go back one day.


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