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Theological student’s trip to Swaziland

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 August 2013

In the past we have helped theological students from BTC explore their role in missions. Again, we were able to help another student this year go on a mission trips to Swaziland. Here is his experience….

“I am a working student, studying part time at BTC (Baptist Theological College) Southern Africa, and working at the Port Alfred Baptist Church as the youth minister.  As part of the requirements for college I had to take a journey to a cultural setting other than my own and experience missions in the form of a short-term trip. I went with the intern team and 2 staff members at 3d-Outreach to a village in Swaziland and spent most of our time in a church called Hope House participating in a number of college-required activities which 3d-Outreach were already familiar with.


We experienced activities such as leading a home group or a bible study with the assistance of a translator; we lead and participated in a door-to-door ministry in which we visited families, prayed for them and sometimes blessed them with some food.  Some of us went on a morning prayer walk around a village, praying for the people in the village and the village as a whole.  In the afternoons we ran children’s ministry programmes form the church which included: worship, prayer, games, memory verses, small skits and the gospel message.  One afternoon we got to run a youth programme as well for the teens and young adults where we did similar activities but adjusted them for their age group.  I had the honour and privilege to preach on the Saturday night that we were there and share God’s Word with the people of Hope House.

My experience in Swaziland was an incredible one.  The expectations that I had were not only met, but far surpassed. God constantly surprised me either through sorrow or through joy of His love and His constant mercy.  During one of the visits to one of the villages I had the privilege of meeting a young woman. She is a mother of two children and is also a widow.  Having lost her husband she struggled to find complete joy once again.  She never turned her back on her God, but at times struggled to understand why God had taken her husband from her.  It broke my heart to hear her story, but at the same time I felt overwhelmed with praise and awe towards my God.  Not only did he continue to provide for her and her children, but he provided her with the courage to keep on living faithfully for Him saying: “God is my saviour and I know that he is the husband to the widow and the father to the fatherless.”

DSCF0166Throughout the trip I kept asking God to use me to make a difference in at least one person’s life that week.  I was blown away when, after I had preached on the Saturday night, God convicted six people to stand up and make a commitment to Jesus Christ and confess Him as their Lord and Saviour.  My original reaction was of complete shock! I was expectant for God to do something, but I have never before experienced the moving of God’s Spirit like I did that night.  I went out of the meeting with joy in my heart and wonder in my eyes towards my God!

I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of that trip to Swaziland and give Him all the glory for what He achieved and is doing in Motshane.  I thank God for the leadership of Megan and Tarryn (Staff at 3D-Outreach) and the servant hearts of Nathan, Shelly, and Chantel (interns at 3D-Outreach), and for the memories made with them while working towards the ultimate goal of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who may not have had the chance to hear it.

I leave you with this simple encouragement to take up the opportunity to share the gospel with those you encounter, whether in another country or your local grocery store, and to give glory to God in every circumstance.” Ross – BTC Student

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