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US Medical trip to Mozambique

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 August 2013

IMG_7744In 2011 a small team of Americans were hoping to travel to Mozambique to examine a shattered hospital in hopes of running a clinic on the site for 2 weeks. Their endeavor gave birth to a much larger task with help from 3D-Outreach.

Hendrik (Pastor and leader of the team) grew up in South Africa. His parents were missionaries from America who were sent to Mozambique in the 1960’s. He remembered the hospital in the Massinga district of Inhambane, as a thriving, bustling endeavor under the leadership of Dr. Marguerite Palmer. When a friend suggested that they go on a mission trip together, Hendrik dreamed of returning to Nhaloi hospital.


In 2010 Hendrik met a medical doctor who had twice applied to serve on the mission field, but was declined due to lack of opportunity. Dr. Randy Claassen had spent most of his career serving a small town in rural Kansas. He had developed a clinic and built a significant medical practice. When God began to move in the Claassen family, they began to look for a new opportunity of medical service. Randy never lost the vision for serving oversees.

US Team

In the run up to their 2012 trip to Mozambique, Hendrik contacted a friend in South Africa seeking logistical assistance. The friend referred Hendrik to 3D Outreach. He made contact with Rolf Hagemann and a beautiful partnership was born.


In July of 2012 the first team came from the USA through South Africa and into Mozambique. Their trip inspired the entire team. Dr. Claassen returned to America with a passion to return to Nhaloi and reopen the hospital. He and Hendrik and fellow team member, Jim Blackburn, launched a non-profit foundation to facilitate the cause. Hope and Healing Africa was born.


In early 2013 plans were being made to return to Mozambique to determine a course of action for the Claassens to move to Mozambique and assume a supervisory role at the hospital. 3D Outreach played an integral role in the process. Rolf and his staff served as support personnel for the team.


“3D were able to do things we could not do,” reports Hendrik. “They secured vehicles, lodging, and facilitated the smoothest border crossing I have ever experienced. In addition to exceptional planning, the 3D staff is a spiritual support and encouragement to us. Their prayers and encouragement were crucial to our success.”IMG_7735


Dr. Claassen had returned to the USA to begin the process of registration with the Mozambique government. Their plans are to return to the hospital in 2014 for a one year assignment. Dr. Claassen says, “We couldn’t do this without 3D. They make all the difference to us.”


Please pray for this team and their foundation as they continue to make a difference in the lives of the people in Mozambique.

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