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Soweto children sow seeds of salvation in Swaziland

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 2 September 2013

Recently we were privilege to take a group of 8 children, between the ages of 9 – 18, to Swaziland on an outreach. This trip has been one of the most emotionally moving trips we have ever done, not necessarily due to the activities we did, but due to the make-up of the team. Not only were the team members ‘children’, but they were from disadvantaged backgrounds, and yet they wanted to reach out to others. Before the trip, we were even tasked to find blankets and skirts for the children, as they do not own their own bedding and clothes. Without saying too much more, rather read their stories: –

IMG_8158My name is Khanyi (9). On the 9th of August Uncle Rolf, Megan and Tarryn took us to Swaziland for the weekend. It was nice because it was the first time for me to cross a border. We had been training from last year how to share our faith with others. Ma’khulu (Promise) always tells us that God can and does use children for His glory. I loved the door to door experience; the people of Swaziland are very friendly. I did the praying with those who wanted to commit their lives to Christ. Thank you 3D-Outreach .



IMG_8257Hi my name is Kumoyo (18). Thank you for having me on your team, I’ve never felt like I belong anywhere but the long weekend in Swaziland showed me that as Christians we are a family. Everyone was kind and considerate. I loved the border crossing and when there was a bit of a challenge with my Zambian passport no one blamed me or got cross with me. I loved the children’s program we had in the afternoons. I love my beanie which I got as a prize for answering a question right. The team that took us down there was very friendly and they knew everything. Swaziland is beautiful and God allowed me to see it. Thank you every one.


IMG_8253My name is Letticia (13). When I heard that God had answered our prayer to go on a missions trip I was excited. I loved the border crossing and one day I got to cook pap for every one and to hear them praise and thank me was amazing, at home no one thanks me or says it’s nice or anything. We had nice food and I loved the door to door, though it was cold the homes were warm and the people were very friendly. I even got to sleep in a sleeping bag, I’ve never done that before. We got to perform in Church and I loved it because we practiced very hard. Thank you.


Promise (group leader): As Christian parents we always pray that our children will follow the Lord, and so when Melissa, my daughter, started a kiddies outreach I was thrilled and put my full weight behind her. This resulted in a kiddie Bible study in Soweto. It is made up of children from very challenging backgrounds. A few years ago Melissa said she wished the group could go on a missions trip, we both knew that we would have to cover all the expenses as none of the children could afford that. We prayed and left it at that, then I mentioned to Rolf that Melissa wanted to take her group on a missions trip to which he offered to help. On the 9th -11th August we saw the fruition of that promise. Edenvale Baptist Church helped with some finances and 3D-Outreach also contributed. The children were given sleeping bags, beanies and blankets. The 3D-Outreach team: Tarryn , Megan and Rolf were amazing with the group, they were kind, understanding and patient. Rolf had organised with a Church in Swaziland for accommodation, which was amazing and we did door to door ministry which was just out of this world. On one occasion I saw one of the girls laughing her heart out, now this is a child who had tried so many times to kill herself, you never saw her smile, let alone laugh. This touched me so much that on our way home as I watched her slouched over, sleeping in the back seat; tears of joy and thanks giving to God just flowed. I wished we could just go back where she was safe and happy. Thank you to Rolf, Tarryn and Megan for everything, may the Lord richly bless you. As Thandi later said: we will never be the same again.

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