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Testimony of a village girl

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 24 September 2013

In our ministry we often come across people who have amazing stories of how they came to know the Lord because of a missionary who came to their village to tell people about Jesus. This is a testimony of one of those people, it serves as a reminder to keep going and serving the Lord with zeal….


“I was an angry girl, my dad was an alcoholic and he would abuse my mom, every Friday we knew that it was going to be a big fight, and that led me to hate my dad and be angry and bully people.  I use to get into all sorts of fights in school.  I would also make fun of people who go to Church.


At the age of 16 there were visitors who came to my village to tell us about Jesus, my sister used to go to their meetings and she would invite me to come along and I would refuse.  And one day I decided to go with some of my friends to make fun of this people, we went and we sat at the back, there were lots of people singing and they had their hands up and some of them were crying, and there was a lady who shared how Jesus had changed her life, she also came from an abusive home. I looked at this lady, she had  peace and joy that I could not explain and I wanted to have that peace, and then the preacher spoke about God, who is our father, who loves us and I could not understand because my earthly father was not loving at all. He went on to tell us how God loves us and that he sent his son Jesus to die for all the wrongs we have done and to give us hope and peace, if only we would turn away from all the wrongs we have done.  Right then and there I wanted to know about this God they were talking about, this Father that I never had.  And I sat there crying but I was too scared to go to the front when they told us to come to the front,  and I didn’t want my friend to see that I was crying but in the end I did go to the front and the preacher prayed for me and I asked God to come into my life.  The visitors left and for 2 years I had no one to teach me how to read my Bible or how to pray and I didn’t have any Church to go to.  My parents divorced and I moved to another city and that’s where I met a lady who taught me how to read my Bible and how to pray and she invited me to her Church. God is good!

Since then, the Lord has healed my hurts and I was able to forgive my dad. It is still not easy being a Christian but I know who to run to when I face difficulties and I know that God is truly my father who loves me.”

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