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Conferences, conferences, conferences.

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 3 October 2013

TUKS confIn the past few months we have attended quite a few missions conferences. This is where we have an opportunity to set up a table, with BTC confitems that each have a story of where 3D-Outreach has been and get to share our stories with people who have a similar heart and love for missions. We got to meet and have great conversations with different types of people, from different backgrounds, in different age brackets. One of the conversations we had was with a girl in university who has a passion for Lesotho, horses and missions; she wanted to put all three of these together in order to reach the shepherds in Lesotho with the Gospel. This is just one example of the various people we came across who have wonderful dreams of reaching out to people. These conferences are an awesome opportunity to tell people who we are and what we do and build relationships with those who have a passion for missions and a passion to see missions happen. In this way we get to hold hands with them to reach the nations.

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