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Intern Update: Nathan in Zimbabwe

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 6 December 2013

 My time spent in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe was incredible. I stayed with a great couple, Laurie and Jen. From the first week I started preparing for lots of practical work – glazing Week 1windows, breaking down walls, and the like.Week 5 (2)

 I also had the opportunity to be involved with the “Nehemiah Project”. This organisation bought a piece of land where they intend to host holiday clubs, church services, training for teaching locals skills like farming and entrepreneurial skills, I helped build a shelter, for them, for a weekend crusade. It was an amazing experience and I learned many new skills such as using a nail gun, mixing cement in a cement mixer, operating a dumpy level, and how to lay bricks. While I was busy with the building project I found a snake, that was actually a big worm with scales and no eyes. I was blown away by this find.IMG_2315

 In terms of spiritual ministry, I went to help at Bulawayo Baptist’s soup kitchen on Tuesday’s and Friday’s to feed 100-120 of Zimbabwe’s homeless. There is youth on Sunday evenings as well, and I loved being around the youth of the church. During one of these times, I met an amazing young man named Nelson; we got along really well and will stay in contact after I leave.

 Later, I went on an outreach to a local area called Trenance, where I got to share in a church service.Nate and old guy I went on to give an old man some food. It turns out that this man claims to be 112 years old and works his field daily, yet he is happy and healthy. It was like talking to a piece of history when we sat down and listened to stories of when he was young. During this outreach, I spotted a lizard that had bright blue, yellow and green colouring – it was beautiful. I caught it and I got bitten in the process, then it changed colour to black, so it was no longer fun and I let it go.

 One Sunday I got to visit a local National park called Matopos, where I saw animals like sable, impala, klipspringe, baboon, warthog, black eagle, fish eagle, hippo and crocodile. It was awesome to get some time off to sight see.

 During the last week I started to realize that my days here in Zimbabwe were numbered. We did so much work that my hands looked like they had been shot at. They were constantly sore and dry from all the practical work.

 It’s all been worth it – if I could I would do it over again. My time here in Zimbabwe has been amazing and I will never forget the friends I have met and the memories I have made, I thank God for the opportunities he has given me here to bless people and minister to them.Week 2 (2)

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