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SA meets USA

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 6 December 2013

Rolf 7 As mentioned in the past, 3D-Outreach is blessed to have a number of international offices. September 2013 saw us visiting 2 of those offices, one in Kansas and the other in North Carolina, USA.

These trips always start off with a gruelling 17-hour flight. No matter how many snacks they bring, movies you watch, or magazines you page through, it seems an eternity to the other side. This was done to get to Washington, then to Wichita, then to Charlotte. Expenses of this trip may have gone off the page, but I would like to thank sponsors for making it a possibility! Without you, this would not have happened!

I am always intrigued to see where we South Africans creep out of the woodwork! This trip was no different – I was eating lunch in a restaurant with one of my hosts, and they were trying to get me to eat ‘hushpuppies’ (I thought that we ate strange things in Africa, but never knew that Americans ate dogs! Later I found out that they are actually blobs of fried bread that you are meant to dip in butter). The hosts were trying to explain to the waitress that I was not from the States (they said I spoke funny), but the waitress shocked us all by saying that she was married to a South African! 20 minutes later, the boer seun from Pretoria arrived at the restaurant to have a chat. I think it is true – you can take the man out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the man…

Rolf 8During the time, we were privileged to meet with a number of key churches, universities, and businessmen. These meetings have given ideas for years to come, and opened doors to new avenues of missions. We also had a board meeting, and discussed where the States office is at the moment and the way forward.

I would like to praise the Lord for our States partners, coordinators, and numerous churches that we are working with. May He continue to give you strength as we together reach out to the nations!Rolf 9

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