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Mozambique December missions

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 3 February 2014

pic5This is the second time that we were able to take a group of university students to Xai-Xai in Mozambique. It was awesome to see a group of young adults giving up their December holidays to reach out to people in Mozambique. You don’t see that often. They were involved in various kinds of ministry and they came away having learned many lessons about ministry and about God….

IMG_9361Mapula Malatji: I was one of the people who was privileged to go to Mozambique the second time. I thought it would be the same as the last time but it wasn’t. I thank the Lord for this opportunity because I got to learn a lot more about ministry, my team members and my Mozambique brothers and sisters.

We arrived at around 7pm on the 13th of December 2013. The pastor and some people of the church were waiting there to welcome us. The following morning the pastor came again to welcome us and he shared about how he came to know Christ and how he started the church. I enjoyed his testimony and I felt like I knew the pastor more and it helped me and the others to feel welcome.

We were able to visit the orphanage and old age home that I remembered from last year. We were involved in different kinds of ministry such as children’s ministry, door to door, prayer, bible studies and many more. I grew a lot and learnt a lot from these ministries. I learnt that I love people and I truly have a passion for people. MDSCF0238inistry is not as hard as it seems, but it is life. I learnt that time alone with the Lord is very good and it plays a big role in our lives. I learnt that we should always look at life and all situations with a positive light. The biggest lesson and desire that came from the trip is for me to go out and share Christ, regardless of where I am. I learnt that I can make my workplace my mission field. I thank the Lord for Tarryn and Rolf for making me realise this. To God be the glory.


IMG_8923Nelz: Before December of 2013 I had never been on an international mission trip. So I had quite a romantic picture of what it would be like to go to a foreign land and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. I mostly looked forward to seeing what God would do in the lives of those I would encounter. And I was not disappointed. It was truly amazing to see how much God can do through us if we just avail ourselves.

During children’s ministry, as we tried to connect with children whose language we didn’t speak, I could still tell that somehow they understood the love that we had for them. I remember a day when we had a Christmas party at an orphanage. It was so amazing to see the joy on those children’s faces.DSCF0806

I was also amazed by two teenage brothers whom we met when we did door to door evangelism. They were both very engaged in the conversation we had about Romans 6:23. When we asked them if they saw their need for the free gift of eternal life, one of them said “who doesn’t?’”. I immediately realized that what we had brought to them truly was good news. After this we all prayed together. I’m not sure what they said (my Portuguese remains bad), but it is my sincere hope that they truly were born again that day.

DSCF0327At one point on the trip, God helped me to see more clearly how powerless I am to please him and how powerful He is to use this imperfect person to achieve his perfect plans. I remember being offered the opportunity to preach at a Sunday service. It was a new experience for me to stand before a congregation and preach the word of God. The profound thing about that experience was that I needed to preach the sermon to myself before I could preach it to the congregation. And God gave me boldness. Here I learnt that God is enough.  Here we were in a congregation of less than 20 people, who were meeting in a tiny building, whose poverty seemed extreme, and yet they were perfectly content. We had almost nothing in common except Christ. And that was more than enough.

There were, of course, unpleasant things about the trip, but all of these fade into nothing when compared with the amazing things that God showed me. Few things can be accurately described as life changing; this was one of them.

IMG_9336Obakeng: It was my first time being in a country where I needed an interpreter to communicate. I thought that this may be the only obstacle that I would face; there were more, but God used them to strengthen me. I slept in a tent for the very first time, sharing with an awesome guy named Gilbert. He was such an encouragement. He was hands on the night that we arrived. He was helping people set up their tents.

During the trip, we went to an old age home that the church is ministering to. I was very uncomfortable at first. I looked around me and I saw a lot of elders…waiting to die. I’m being serious! It is one thing being told about such environments and it’s another thing being in such environments; however the smiles that were on their faces when we were washing their feet and massaging them was priceless.IMG_9009Obakeng

On another day, we went to visit a man named Joao. He is a member of the main church, Gracio Reformardo Mocambico. Our primary reason for visiting him was to encourage him and most importantly remind him of Jesus, as he was very ill. He couldn’t walk any long distances and therefore he couldn’t make it to church anymore. Joao’s home is almost an hour walk to the church. In the good health that I was in, I struggled to make it to his house. Joao is such a strong brother even though he was so ill, I remember he even said: “I feel physically weak but I am still strong in my faith.” I couldn’t believe my ears; this impacted me greatly!

I could relate so much with Joao as I have a skin condition called eczema which I’m on chronic medication for. My eczema was so bad that I even thought that I would never get better. My family and friends kept encouraging me but I still felt angry with myself. I hated my skin condition. I was asking questions like, Why me? Why now? What did I do to deserve this? We were there to remind Joao of Jesus but he reminded us of Jesus. He mentioned earlier that although he is physically weak, he is still strong in his faith.  This is like 2 Corinthians 4:16 right there. I mean he is not losing heart although his flesh is wasting away but he knows he is being renewed day by day. Joao’s character is on another level as his sufferings produced endurance and his endurance produced character and his character produced hope that he has in Jesus Christ which will not put him to shame. Now that’s a man of God!


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