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Nathan in Ghana

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 31 March 2014

Our second year intern, Nathan, was fortunate enough to join a local church’s mission trip to Ghana, as part of his second year with us we are wanting him to learn more andIMG_3135 go further in missions. This trip was definitely a big step towards that as he spent a lot of his time training the locals on Muslim evangelism. This is Nathan’s account of his amazing journey…

 I hear the engines power down. The pilot announces the landing through the intercom. Ears still blocked as the aeroplane approaches the earth. I peer through the window like an eager child at a pet shop….touchdown!! I look at Pastor Roydon and smile. We are here…Ghana!! Oblivious as to how that feeling will soon be drowned out by a wall of heat and exhaustion. Equally oblivious as to how the air-con is isolating me from the heat outside. I step out the plane and can almost feel the sun slowly turning me into a walking raisin!

IMG_3079The trip itself was to the Northern Region of Ghana in a town called Tamale.We partnered with the people in charge of the Presbyterian churches in the whole Northern Region. This region is known for the Muslim majority.

Once we were settled in, we started training the locals in Muslim evangelism and doing daily practical’s consisting of “door to door”, “street evangelism” and  “prayer walking”. We had a new group each day and prayed for each of them as we equipped them with the tools necessary for sharing the gospel with their Muslim community.

God was with us. We saw miracles on a daily basis, like Muslims running after Christians for prayer, and Muslims putting their faith in Christ with no concern for the persecution they will receive from their families and friends. I have a new respect for Muslims and have learned to love them as lost children of a God who longs to know them.

We spoke to approximately 60-80 people per day for a week and a half, and encouraged each of them after their training to try and share Christ with at least 2-3 people a week. This works out to be 2000 people reached per week. What an amazing number!

IMG_3200These 3 weeks spent in Ghana went by so quickly, before I knew it I found myself standing barefoot on the fresh green grass, I inhale a deep breath and the sweet smell of fresh cut grass and flowers in the tree tickled my nostrils. I felt a fresh cool breeze against my legs, the first in weeks. I heard the inescapable sounds of chirping birds and chattering people all around me.  I stood there taking in all these things I missed so much and it hit me….I’m home.IMG_3086

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