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No job is too small

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 31 March 2014


etwatwa tent - CopyPart of what we do here at 3D-Outreach is to help missionaries and pastors in any way we can, we were able to help in a small way that meant something BIG to a local pastor…

Late one Friday afternoon we got an urgent message from one of the local church pastors that we work with. Another pastor that he was in contact with from a township church was in need. They were due to start their very first church service that very Sunday, but there was a problem. The tent that they had been lent and which had been set up was needed elsewhere. In an answer to prayer someone else had agreed to let them use their tent, but this second tent was an hour’s drive away from where the church property was. They had no way of transporting the tent to the right place.

The pastor asked me, is this something that we could help with? What a question. Here was someone who was starting a church in an area that so desperately needed it. All that they needed was someone with a vehicle big enough to transport the tent, who was willing to give a little of their time to help out. It was such a simple thing, but such a critical need.

We made the arrangements and the following morning we went to collect the tent and drop it off at the church plant. It may have cost us a little in terms of diesel and of our time, but what is that in comparison to the potential benefits and impact of a good bible believing church in this area?etwatwa church - Copy

On the way to the church the pastor told us of the spread of Islam in the area, and the need for this church as a light in the darkness of this township. We did such a small and simple thing, and yet it was an answer to this pastor’s prayers. There are so many simple ways to be involved in ministry and reach out to others in need all around us. Sometimes all we need to do is be open to these things and make ourselves available for the Lord’s use, wherever he chooses to use us.

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