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Errol’s Journey

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 June 2014

Part of what we do here at 3D-Outreach is to walk a journey with people who are passionate about missions. One such person is Errol. We met with Errol a couple of weeks back, and realized that his journey has been way longer than we thought, and that his story is worth sharing. So here is Errol’s story, written by Errol…

IMG-20140603-WA000In 1980, as a twenty something young person, God called me to a three year, full time, youth ministry position, where we did music and drama performances to various audiences. We trained at the Win Our World (WOW) venue from January till early May and then we travelled all over South Africa and some neighboring countries to share God’s word. God taught me many things regarding ministry and my walk with Him during this time.

After my second year on the WOW team I actually left and started to work because I did not sense a call to continue. A week after I started work I was at the Johannesburg train station where God showed me a vision of how lost the people were around me. As this happened, I remembered the words of a song, which was “now is the time, if you’re going to serve him”. I realized God was speaking to me but I was not sure what I needed to do next. I spent that Friday night in prayer until the next morning and asked God to speak to me over the weekend. In the Sunday service God spoke to me via the book of Nehemiah:

  • Nehemiah saw the need;
  • He made himself available;
  • He counted the cost.

I rejoined the WOW group for my third year and God wonderfully provided all the costs associated with the changed plans.

When I completed the three years of serving (last two years I was part of the leadership), I got a job in IT in Johannesburg. When I left matric I wanted to be involved in IT but the right opportunity did not arise until after I did the Lord’s work. I have been involved as a specialist for the last 30 years and God has blessed me in my work even though I only have matric and no formal training in the field. God has enabled me to hold my own in a very skilled environment and has opened the door often for me to travel to Europe for work related conferences and meetings.

One thing I told the Lord was that I want to go to Bible School when the time was right. In 2010 the Lord spoke to me to do this on a part time basis at the Baptist Bible School in Randburg. At the moment I am finishing my third year and I am praying about what to do from next year onwards.

My calling is found in Isaiah 61:1-3:

I look forward to fulfilling God’s purpose in the coming years for his glory and honour.

Errol Wareley

Prayer meeting at Errol’s church….

IMG-20140603-WA001 IMG-20140603-WA004

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