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Intern update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 June 2014

As I sit in my office and listen to the sounds of the interns getting ready for their first 2 month outreach, to Lesotho, I can’t help but think back over the last few months and see how God has moulded, taught and changed each intern into His image.

They each started off as empty canvas’s ready to do God’s work. During 4 months of training, they absorbed all the information they possibly could in order to be the support and resource that they want and need to be.

Some of the highlights from the past few months have been taking the team to Laudium for an inter-faith exposure, having amazing people come and do various lectures and exposing the team to what the year will hold by taking them to Swaziland.

IMG_9813Inter – Faith Exposure

In order for the team to have a better idea of how to minister to people from different religions, we took them to Laudium for two days to visit a Hindu temple, a Mosque and to allow them to do home visitation and just chat to people and get to know them. It was a fantastic few days, where they even had an opportunity to do a prayer walk and to speak to local business owners about Jesus. After this exposure, Cassandra said: “God reminded me not to be ashamed of the gospel, but share it every opportunity I get. I was also reminded to be led by God and not by my own mission.”



We have had the awesome privilege of having people who are passionate about ministry and missions, come and do various lectures for the interns. Some of the topics are: children’s ministry, theological lectures, DIY – including carpentry, electrical and plumbing, love languages, sports and youth ministry and much more! Menzi said this about training: “Scales have fallen off my eyes in this past month of training and God has opened my eyes and heart to what is happening in the midst of the church.

We are so grateful for those people who took the time to prep and come through to do these awesome lectures. We appreciate you!

Rural Trip to Swaziland

IMG_0002In the beginning of May we took the interns to a church do ministry in Swaziland where we tented and cooked on gas stoves. This was an opportunity to give them a taste of what’s to come; with the staff being around to help out where needed and give advice.

IMG_0115They were involved in children’s ministry, door to door visits, youth ministry and church programmes. One of the teams who did door to door visits came back with a wonderful story of how they lead a man to Christ! Wow!

The interns came away feeling more unified as a team and with a level of confidence that made them feel that they can do ministry together. Alec said that he loved it and he could live there! It was really amazing to see them work together as a team and put into practise all that they have learnt throughout training. It was definitely a proud moment for us as staff, and a wonderful time to praise God for all he has done in these young people’s lives.

Now as the team of 7 are about to embark on their journey to Lesotho, our prayer is that they would stay close to the Lord as they minister, that they would grow as a team and that God’s name would be glorified in all they do and say. Please pray with us!

If you are reading this, and you are a young person (age: 18-29), and would be interested in joining the 2015 intern team, please contact Tarryn: tarryn@3d-outreach.com or 011 425 4129

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