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Randburg Baptist reaches out in Mahikeng.

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 27 October 2014

Randburg Baptist Church went to Mahikeng for a weekend of ministry and 3D-Outreach was an important part of their preparation, helping with training and logistics. This is their testimony of the trip…Randburg1

“Let’s play “Trivial Pursuit”…  What town is the capital city of the North-West Province of South Africa, with its main claim to fame the 217 day siege of British garrison during the 2nd Anglo-Boer War in 1899.  The Jameson Raid started from Pitsani, 39 km north of the town on 29 December 1895.  It was merged with Mmabatho following the end of apartheid in 1994.  Got it yet?  That is Mahikeng,   a Setswana name meaning “place of stones.”  The population of the municipality is estimated at 271 501 people.  And many of those do not know Jesus Christ.

The journey of Randburg Baptist Church towards outreach ministry in Mahikeng has been an interesting one.  In the Lord’s providence, a young Zimbabwean man started attending our church during Easter 2010.  He was a student at Rosebank Bible College, and completed his certificate at Johannesburg Bible College.  As we got to know Frank Sibanda, we discovered that, through a weird set of family circumstances, he had connections in Mahikeng, and in fact, a deep concern for the region.  He had recognized the lack of sound evangelical gospel-preaching churches.  That stirred a desire in his heart to do a church plant in one of the suburbs after his graduation from JBC.

As a church it has been an exciting process to walk with Frank through the planning.  He left in November 2013 to start the work, and the first half of 2014 was a tumultuous ride of joys, sorrow, opportunities, disappointments, dead-ends and examples of God’s hand at work.  Through all of that he sought to get footholds into the schools and local prison.  As part of our partnership with him, Randburg Baptist Church has supplied a stock of Bibles, a communion kit and old pews for the small, developing church. Randburg4

By God’s grace, this was followed up with a Short-Term Outreach in early July.  We partnered with 3D -Outreach to assist with the planning and practical arrangements.  A team of 30 people, of all ages and backgrounds, came together for a weekend of ministry in the Phatshima area.  We also partnered with Campus Crusade (Wits) for the “Jesus” film aspect, and were privileged to have a few of those students join in as well.

The focus was a showing of the “Jesus” film on the Friday and Saturday nights, coupled with a half day of sport ministry and activities on the Saturday morning.  The event was designed, linking with the Soccer World Cup, to teach the gospel through various stations, games and activities, and we had the privilege of connecting with 90 children in that time.  Truths about the burden of sin, falling short of God’s standard, missing the mark etc were taught using various soccer-based activities, as well as the “wordless book” taught using both beads and a colour-themed soccer ball.

RandburgWe praise God for the opportunities to partner with Frank in this church plant, for chances to present the life-transforming truth of Christ and for the effects on our own team!”

Check out the video on www.facebook.com/randburgbaptist

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