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Young people minister at Bizana Baptist.

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 27 October 2014


We were excited for the opportunity to train a group of young people; from the church of a past intern; to go on a short term missions trip. This was an awesome time to see how God has been working in this past intern’s life and how her passion for missions over flowed into the lives of the young people in your church. This group of 15 people went to the Natal area to minister with a local church, here is there story…

“Going on a missions trip is a good way to share Jesus and the love He has shown us.  This is why we wanted to go.  The months of planning has lead us to the day of final departure saying good bye to our comfortable lifestyle, and even after all the training not 100% sure of what to expect. We worked with Crusade For Crusade at Bizana Baptist Church for a week, doing children’s ministry, youth group, bible study and door to door visits. Elsie2

3D-Outreach helped us with some training before we left, preparing us for this outreach. We had 10 youth and 3 students joining us on the trip with the pastors and other leaders.  For 90% of us, this was the first time doing a missions trip.

We started off on a Monday with a well-planned children’s program, but it soon became clear that we weren’t as prepared as we thought and so we had to work on it and knew what we had to change for the next 3 days, by the end of the week we knew how to work around the program to share God’s message. We also had some time to do youth bible study; our first culture shock was seeing how grown up these teens are compared to the teens back home.

Elsie1We had an opportunity to do door to door visitations. There were always amazing stories that people brought back, from working with translators to being chased by local’s dogs; and then there were those stories that made your hair rise. We had 5 teams, and each went into a different part of the village.  My team went to the part near the school and on our way back to the bus we heard people at the school.It was a holiday so we decided to go and chat and meet some of the workers.We spent some time with them and got to share the Gospel. At the same time, we were amazed by the view from the school.  We could almost see the whole village and realized just how much we had learned in the short time we had been in Bizana. We realized how much we have back at home and how we treat it as if it is nothing.

After a week of missions the team was inspired to continue with everything they have learned.”Elsie4 Elsie





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