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Zimbabwe Outreach 2014

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 27 October 2014

Our interns spent two months in Zimbabwe. The first years spent their time at Ebenezer Agricultural College discipling the students there, helping with farming, leading bible studies and doing some practical jobs. Our second year intern spent his time at Bulawayo Baptist Church. Each and every team member has come back with stories of how God has used them and how they have been incredibly impacted while ministering there. Take some time reading the testimonies about their time in lovely Zimbabwe….

CassCassandra de Almeida : I have had the most amazing time here and have experienced so many new things. Being here and getting close to the students, I have gotten to hear their testimonies and Biblical questions and this is a huge testimony in my life. It’s amazing how we are all different people from different countries and cultures, yet God has brought me through so much in my life that I am now able to use those tough experiences to encourage the students here at Ebenezer.

The students often have many questions about the Bible, and by God’s guidance alone, I have been led to specific scripture so that they can better understand. Trips like this make me realise how much God can truly use me. God is growing my spiritual gift of teaching and has provided me with so many opportunities to do so. I truly believe that an impact has been made in the lives of the students here, not because of me, but because of the almighty God that is dwelling within me. I pray that this would inspire you to be used by God, to not be held back by your past, and not to boast in yourself but to give glory to God in every situation. Be blessed and live for the true King.

Alec Pratt:  Sanubonani longe! One thing that struck me about this place, is that it creates a way to teach people how to sustain themselves and grow closer to God. We have really

Alecbecome part of Ebenezer and I can count a lot of them as my friends and family. I have tried to be an encouragement to them but most of them have encouraged me more. I have met a lot of different people who have asked me a lot of different questions about the Bible; it’s been an awesome challenge. I have loved the weather here in Zimbabwe, a lot warmer than Lesotho in July! I also enjoyed this amazing drink called ‘Mazoe’ and everything about Zimbabwe screams ‘AMAZING!’ I was very sad to leave this amazing place and I really pray that God blesses the people and Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre as they really are a blessing to others.


Danica Hansen. Our work here has consisted of ‘projects’ and discipleship. On project days we have done odd jobs around Ebenezer. This has included painting, clearing land, sewing curtains, office work and creating a welcome garden for Ebenezer. We have also spent many evenings with the students playing games and leading biblical discussions. On Saturdays we spend the morning in the fields with the students, weeding a patch of onions or planting maize, God’s way.

While one of the teachers, Mrs Nyams, was away I was given the opportunity to teach English. This was a truly rewarding experience and I was able to put my studies to good use. I have also had the chance to feed into one of my passions by compiling short films for Ebenezer. One of these was a clip on the Holy Spirit, where I interviewed students on their views. The film was shown at the Youth Alpha camp which was held one weekend and focused on the Holy Spirit.

Thinking back on my time here, I am touched by the people I’ve met.  I have been very impressed by the staff at Ebenezer who are loving and relatable. I have felt truly welcome.

MenziMenzi Mohale:  My time here in Zimbabwe has been amazing. When they told us that we were going to Zimbabwe I never expected it to be this unique and beautiful. When we first arrived at Ebenezer I remember one of the staff members saying “you have two months, grab every opportunity”. During these two months we had endless opportunities with 95 young students to share the gospel of grace and to do discipleship. Christ has been with us all the way, and His Spirit has been guiding us.  He guided me many times to spend time with the students in the word. It’s not every day you get to talk with teenagers the same age as you about God. I also enjoyed playing volley ball with them (I never knew how much I enjoyed playing volley ball until I came to Zim). I see Christ changing me through this life experience, growing and teaching me. Truly God is faithful with a lot of patience!

KatieKatie Claassen: During our time here, we have gotten to know the students very well, allowing us to be able to feed into their lives. One of the many things I have really enjoyed doing here is being a part of their Youth Alpha course on Wednesday evenings. The questions discussed during this time are not answered, thus allowing the students to further think through them on their own. We as a team decided that we would like to allow them more time to process the questions, and as such, we started having games on Friday nights that dug deeper into what we felt they needed to think through more. Doing these games opened a gateway into allowing us to have better individual talks with the students, deepening our relationships with them. Not only did we have a great opportunity to feed into their lives, but we have also learned a great deal from them. Discipling does not go one way. Having the experience of being able to disciple someone has been a great way for me to grow, and I would really encourage you to try it too. God Bless.

NathanNathan Reyneke(2nd year intern): When we were told that we were going to Zimbabwe, there was a buzz in the air, we knew it was going to be an incredible trip. The spiritual opposition was almost instant when we saw team members getting sick and when we had car troubles going to Zimbabwe. All these were taken as signs that this trip was going to be of eternal difference.

So I arrived at my hosts and was told that I was going to be working with and discipling the youth of Bulawayo Baptist Church, I met them and was immediately included in all the leaders meetings.  I was asked to start a bible study on Wednesdays, preach in the youth services and join the worship team. I also painted and restored their youth room which is now called “the cave”. Another ministry I was involved in aside from the youth was that I would walk through town on a daily basis and pray for a street vendor named Mike. I had become friends with him and after some weeks invited him to church on Sundays which he still attends. I find it an honour that thousands of people pass that man every day and God used me to get him in the church.  It was very sad to leave Zimbabwe but I am excited about what is to come….


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