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Jump Team

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 19 June 2015

3D Jump Team is a year program in which Christian young people from around the country form outreach teams. They are specially trained, and act as the hands and feet of Jesus, sharing the gospel, serving and supporting existing outreaches on the front lines. IMG_1044They are equipped to function in almost any setting for the duration of the year, often cross culturally.

Jump team is not for everyone. It is a year where you will be pushed to your limit, and where you will do and experience things that you never thought you ever would or could do. We are looking for committed Christian young adults, who want to be a part of something much bigger than themselves, something of eternal significance. IMG_0503We are looking for people whose
heart’s desire is to radically serve others, to reach out to people who have desperate spiritual and practical needs, and in the process, allow God to work in their own lives and change them. This is a tough, but life changing year.

The program starts with 4 months of intensive training in missions, theology, ministry, practical skills, and personal development. For the rest of the year, the Jump Team are sent out in groups, equipped to contribute to existing outreach works under the guidance of experienced leadership. Outreaches could involve children’s ministry, youth, sports, Bible studies, preaching, evangelism, a variety of practical tasks etc. depending on the needs.

If you would like to apply, click the tab above called Year Program, or for more information please contact us on 011 425 4129, 082 54321 80, tarryn@3d-outreach.com.IMG_4684

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