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A journey with the RFM Team

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 19 November 2015

IMG_0188A church in East London asked us to take their interns on a mission trip. Most had never been on one, so we warned them from the beginning that they were about embark on a life changing experience that would change the way they see life. Here’s what some of them had to say…

‘3D Outreach organised the mission trip I went on to Swaziland from the 20th – 27th October. I really wasn’t keen because I felt my calling was in the church. The days leading up to the mission trip I was dreading the unknown. We drove from Johannesburg to a small town just over the border of Swaziland called Ngwenya.

20151022_140918Our team of 8 camped on the grounds of an orphanage. The orphanage held about 20 kids ranging from the age of about 3-17. We were recruited to run a children’s program every afternoon. It was something a little out of my comfort zone, but the children are such blessings it was not long before they crept into my heart! We got to sing songs, play games and teach them bible stories.

On a few of the mornings and one of the afternoons we did something called door to door. Basically what one does is walk all around the local village, praying, ministering to and hearing from the locals. It was so inspiring hearing the stories of people who don’t have much, and yet trust God and His provision. Something that really stood out for most of us on the team was the incredible nature of the siSwati people. They have such big hearts and so much respect for one another. They were incredibly welcoming to us and were eager to hear what we had to say, even if they weren’t Christians. I have never felt so at home in a place that is not actually my home.

A testimony from another intern on door to door:Phumie

“I always had the mentality that growing up without a father was a normal thing in Africa and my testimony wouldn’t make a difference. After I shared it a couple of times during door to door I became aware that there is a great need of Father figures in Swaziland. I became close with some of the boys and they started calling me Uncle. God really worked amazingly through the RFM team and changed our way of thinking. I want to thank God, RFM and 3D outreach for making the trip possible. “

As part of the mission trip we also lent a helping hand for manual labour. For 2 mornings we went around the orphanage repainting the insides of the children’s bedrooms. It was quite a messy business and a little challenging with some of the wall crumbling off, but I definitely think we left the rooms looking better than when we arrived

Swaziland changed my heart for missions. I have a new respect for full time missionaries and for the effect they have on the communities they reach. I started the week wanting to get the mission trip over and done with so I didn’t have to do it ever again, but I left excited for the next one. One thing I have found myself saying a lot is that, if you have never been on a mission trip, try go on one at least once in your lifetime!’

Testimony from another:IMG_0026

“When I got to Joburg and started the training with 3D Outreach, I kind of got nervous because of all the stuff we were told we were going to do out there. I felt out of my comfort zone immediately. When we got to Swaziland, and reality kicked in that we were there, I really started freaking out. We prepared every day for the things we did out there, and every time we did door-to-door, children’s ministry, or a bible study, it did get easier. What I didn’t realise in those moments was that God was growing me far beyond what I could have imagined. Every time I stepped out of my comfort zone, and shared things with that community, I grew in boldness to do so and to let the Spirit lead me.

So God did reJessieally grow me in everything that I did out there. I feel as if I am not fearful of sharing the gospel with people anymore and I feel as if I can lead many bible studies now. When God takes you out of your comfort zone, He really does have a plan. My boldness, faith, and trust in God has grown so much. I really appreciate the fact that we got to do something like this. I realise how blessed I am.”


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