Short-Term Missions


3D-Outreach is keen to consult with churches and groups in the planning and organizing of weekend or short-term missions events. We are willing and able to help with anything from simply finding an appropriate venue which will meet the group’s needs to setting a budget or creating an entire outreach program. In essence, we work as missions consultants and are excited to be a part of the process in any capacity, be it simply running pre-trip training sessions or actually participating in the mission trip itself.

Weekend Exposure Trips

We have found that there are many individuals who are interested in being a part of missions, but they either have no idea what missions is about or don’t have the time or finances to invest in a one- or two-week experience. If you have a group who is interested in setting aside a weekend for a cross-cultural experience which will fit into their time and financial budgets, please contact us [] for assistance in planning a Weekend Exposure Trip!

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If you feel that we could help in any way to plan your short-term missions trip, whether it be a weekend or longer contact us [].

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Read about our recent short-term trips
Download the Short-Term Trip Questionnaire (to help us get an idea of the kind of trip you’re looking for)


For Missionaries


3D-Outreach helps churches and groups plan and organize short-term missions teams. If you have a need or desire for a short-term team to come to your area, please contact us []. Please include any specific training or ministry you would like to see in teams coming to work with you.

Similarly, if there is a group that is coming to you on a short-term missions trip, we would be glad to assist them in whatever way you think would be beneficial to the overall success of the trip. If you would like us to assist through training, helping set up a budget, helping create a menu, etc, please feel free to put us in contact with them.

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If you are interested in hearing more about our short-term missions, please contact us [].