If you are in need of, or can offer, skills and resources then please do make contact with our team.

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Email: info@3d-outreach.com

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South Africa

Skills and Resources

Missionaries are always looking for specific physical resources as well as skilled individuals in a variety of fields – everything from doctors/nurses, dentists, vets to hairdressers, tutors, IT specialists, photographers/videographers, musicians, etc.

If you have any resources, that you are willing to donate, that you feel could be of use to missionaries or if you are willing to make your skills available to assist with our missionaries then please do complete the form HERE and we can assist making this process move forward.


For Missionaries

We are always able to receive donations of items which could be a blessing to missionaries. We know that missionaries are also in constant need of physical resources and we are eager to be a bridge to help connect missionaries with people who can help fulfill those requests.

Additionally, 3D-Outreach is busy building a database of skilled individuals who are interested in offering their services to missionaries. If you have need of people with specific skills, please complete the form HERE so that we can organize a trip or individual to meet your specific needs.


Urgently Needed

Below is a list of currently resources / skills that are urgently required by our missionaries. If you can help in anyway, please do contact us.

Theological literature
Audio bibles – different languages
A generator
Knife making tools
A gas geyser
A lathe
A vehicle.
A couple is needed to help run a campsite in Durban.
Bibles – different languages
Food items
Two-pole tent
Building supplies
Fly buddy
Bakkie tyres
Broadcast camera
Team workers
Paper press
Essential fragrance oils
Proclaimers – audio Bible units