About 3D-Outreach
3D-Outreach is a non-profit organization seeking to reach out, across borders, to the needs of the whole person through being a resource and support to existing long term outreach.


Latest news and updates

This page will fill you in on the latest news from 3D-Outreach as well as keep you up to date of what our team have been up to recently. If you make use of a rss reader then feel free to add our feed on 3d-outreach/feed/rss/

Through the Lens

Our latest video trip took us to the metropolitan city of Gaborone, Botswana. Both the city itself and the church with whom we were working were striking in their diversity – over 38 nationalities were represented in the church alone, praying and praising together in unity. What an ... read more

Intern Team October Update

Missionary: Desmond & Lara Henry Location: Gaborone, Botswana Time Period: 8 September - 16 November 2008 As staff, we are strongly aware that the Intern Team has only 2 weeks left in Botswana. It has been an intense year of ministry and personal growth for each person on the Team.As an office we ... read more

Intern Team September Update

Area of Ministry: Gaborone, Botswana Local Missionary: Desmond & Lara Henry (Youth Pastors) Time Period: 8 September - 16 November 2008 The Intern Team's outreach into Botswana has taken on a slightly different dynamic compared to their two previous outreaches. In this leg of outreach, the Team is working under ... read more

A Trip to Zambia

Nestled along the southern shores of Lake Tanganyika is Mpulungu, Zambia’s only harbour port. It is the town which Div and Eleanor Du Plessis, of ProChristo Global Missions, call home. It is now also the home of our Intern Team until 31 August. Recently, 3D-Outreach took a ... read more

9 Day Southern Africa Trip

A very important part of 3D-Outreach is the building and maintaining of relationships with both churches and missionaries. Without these vital relationships, it would be very difficult or near impossible to perform certain of our functions as an organisation. It does not matter how many phone calls are made or emails ... read more

Pretoria to Botswana

3D-Outreach recently organized a mission trip for a youth group from Pretoria. Upon returning, we received the following testimonies from the team: The outreach to Botswana was really an amazing experience, It was really humbling to see children much younger then me so alive with a passion for Jesus and such ... read more

Botswana – A visit with Michael

We received a request from a group to source a missionary in Botswana who they could partner with through short-term trips. And seeing as Michael had called on us earlier in the year when he was in South Africa, to partner with him through short-term teams and bible training. ... read more