About 3D-Outreach
3D-Outreach is a non-profit organization seeking to reach out, across borders, to the needs of the whole person through being a resource and support to existing long term outreach.


Latest news and updates

This page will fill you in on the latest news from 3D-Outreach as well as keep you up to date of what our team have been up to recently. If you make use of a rss reader then feel free to add our feed on 3d-outreach/feed/rss/

To the mountain and beyond!

In the middle of last year, Rosebank Union Church approached us to help them take a group of young people on a missions trip. We helped them with the planning, logistics, training and liaising with the missionary, this is what the youth pastor had to say:- I don’t know why but ... read more

Intern update

Our first formal outreach for our interns was to Lesotho, little did we know how cold it would be during the months of May and June. It seems like Lesotho was an incredible experience. Enjoy reading Nathan’s experience…   I was in Lesotho from the 13th of May to the 15th of ... read more

Intern training complete

We have recently dropped off the interns at their first long term outreach in Lesotho. As we look back on the training process, we are incredibly grateful to God for how He has provided for us. The interns were really given good quality training by various external lecturers who took ... read more

Teddy Bears and Tracksuits

Over the past year, Lesotho has become a very special destination for us. After hearing about our May trip to a small village near the Katse Dam, when we braved the snow and freezing cold, a number of very special ladies got together to sew tracksuits and knit beanies and ... read more

Sewing Tracksuits for Lesotho

Small projects can be lots of fun and are very exciting because they create an opportunity for people to use the skills they have at their fingertips and get involved in helping others in a less fortunate position. Small projects allow people with different ideas to put them into practice, ... read more

Maseru T-Shirt Drop Off

We received a frantic call on 23rd May regarding a ‘Walk for Life’ event which was to take place on 1st June in Maseru, Lesotho in conjunction with another ‘Walk for Life’ happening on the same day in London, England. The problem was that 1000 t-shirts needed to be ... read more

Unexpected Events

Sometimes plans don’t always turn out the way we expect them to…but all the while, God is in the circumstances. After a partner church’s last minute cancellation in early May, our Short-Term Department found themselves in need of a small team to go to Lesotho to work with Kereke ... read more

Lesotho – February 2008

On the 8th of February, we were due to depart with a team for Xai Xai, Mozambique on a building expedition. The day prior to departure, we were advised that Mozambique was experiencing a certain amount of unrest and the missionary we were going to join was not happy with ... read more