About 3D-Outreach
3D-Outreach is a non-profit organization seeking to reach out, across borders, to the needs of the whole person through being a resource and support to existing long term outreach.


Latest news and updates

This page will fill you in on the latest news from 3D-Outreach as well as keep you up to date of what our team have been up to recently. If you make use of a rss reader then feel free to add our feed on 3d-outreach/feed/rss/

God’s plan in Swaziland

‘Our main aim for this trip to Swaziland was to find out what various missionaries are doing in Swaziland, how they are doing it and how 3D-Outreach can be coming alongside them and be a support and resource to them. This was OUR plan. But as we often find out, God ... read more

Theological student’s trip to Swaziland

In the past we have helped theological students from BTC explore their role in missions. Again, we were able to help another student this year go on a mission trips to Swaziland. Here is his experience…. “I am a working student, studying part time at BTC (Baptist Theological College) Southern Africa, ... read more

Mission to Matsanjeni – Swaziland

One of the key aspects we as 3D-Outreach do is help church groups organise short term missions trips. If you or your church would like to do a short term trip, we will gladly assist you. We will help with the planning, provide training, connect you to a missionary, and ... read more

Intern training complete

We have recently dropped off the interns at their first long term outreach in Lesotho. As we look back on the training process, we are incredibly grateful to God for how He has provided for us. The interns were really given good quality training by various external lecturers who took ... read more

A Missional Journey

We had a very unique short term trip in July 2010. The purpose of the trip was two fold: an exposure to the world of missions and exposure to the ministry of 3D-Outreach. We were contacted by Dr. Allen Schuyler from Charlotte, North Carolina with regards to organising a short term ... read more

Sometimes, It’s The Simple Things

What must it be like to want to study the Word of God but be unable to because you cannot read? In a place like Swaziland, with a high illiteracy rate, this is the norm. But Luke is on a mission to change that for the Swazi people ... read more