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Who we are

Who are we? We are a small team dedicated to serving God and others through the work of 3D-Outreach. We are all full-time volunteer workers, who rely 100% on God to provide for our financial needs. Each of us is called to serve God in a unique way and our different skills complement one another in the field.


Rolf Hagemann – Director

I grew up in Benoni and went on after school to join a youth missions group called the WOW Team. Directly after team, I completed a year of military service and then a degree in psychology. After a number of years working in the pharmaceutical industry, I felt the call to full time ministry, completing my four year BTH and honors in psychology.

Throughout these years, I was actively involved in young adult ministry – leading young adult groups, Bible Studies, and coordinating larger young adult ventures.

In recent years I have developed a passion for missions, and feel that there is a perfect match between young adults and missions. In this way, I am the founder and director of 3D-Outreach, endeavoring to involve people in reaching out to others, and in turn being involved in the Great Commission as the Body of Christ.

E-mail Rolf: rolf@3d-outreach.com


David Reese – USA Office

Born in the United States and raised in a church that sponsored missions laid a foundation for where I am today. I believe that being a Christian means to take on the likeness of Jesus and to meet the needs of people right where they are. Often difficult when you feel that you don’t have the means to help, but God doesn’t want or need my possessions. God wants my willingness to serve where He already is.

That is my desire to have the heart of Christ and to do whatever it takes and to let Him use me.

I am now in my 50’s living in Charlotte, North Carolina, and know that God has a purpose for Christians here to support those in the field working the harvest. I am willing to assist anyone who wants to find out more about Gods ministry with 3D Outreach.

E-mail David: david@3d-outreach.com