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Vertical Adventures

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The Intern Team recently participated in an adventure weekend hosted by an organisation called Vertical Life (matthewc@verticallife.co.za). Vertical Life uses tested and proven outdoor adventure training techniques to add a new dimension to experiential learning. They offer a vast repertoire of activities which are combined to suit each group’s needs. By choosing different group and personal development activities based on each individual group’s experience and needs, they are able to ensure that the camp offers the most effective training for each group they serve.

The adventure camp weekend consisted of team building, conflict resolution, leadership development, environmental education, personal development , wilderness awareness, wilderness orienteering, basic tree identification, shelter-building, environmental emergencies and adventure activities (abseiling, rock climbing, bridge swinging, hiking etc.). Each of these activities were designed to stretch the teams members’ personal boundaries, help them to overcome their fears and encourage them to work as a team. In addition, they received spiritual input as well as practical lessons on survival within different contexts.

The program for the camp was intense, but filled with great lessons and amazing opportunities for growth. The team members were also trained in the basics of disaster relief and stress management, thus giving them the tools to be a support and resource during times of calamity. All of these elements served to make this an unforgettable weekend in the team’s training.

We were very proud of how well the Intern Team handled each situation and we look forward to seeing them put into practice the principles they learnt during this time. We would also like to thank Matthew Carter from Vertical Life for planning such an excellent program for our team. We look forward to testimonies of the far-reaching benefits and effects of this weekend!

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