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Talking Bibles in Mozambique

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 23 May 2007

just wanted to let you know what happened the other day. On May 17th we had a small distribution of 22 Talking Bibles only about 10 miles off the road from where we live. This is relatively close in comparison to our other weekly destinations. You never know what to expect when you show up for the first time in a new village.

As we arrived the group of locals had been waiting in the shade of a large tree and sitting in a circle. As i got closer i realized that they were all gathered around the Witch Doctor who was casting shells and bones like dice to tell the future of those who were sitting there. I started getting excited!

We kicked it into high gear and took control of the whole situation. Soon my voice was the only voice heard and they were silent and listening to the Talking Bible in a matter of seconds! Praise God! That day 20 men and 2 women who are not a part of a Christian Church received God’s word through the Talking Bible. Please remember these people in prayer this week. And especially pray that their eyes and ears are opened to see the truth.

Let us join together and pray for their souls, and all those out there who are using the Talking Bible as their way to receive the truth.

In Christ, Luke Rider

Luke is a young missionary we met during the cyclone relief. He works with an organisation called “Talking Bibles” (their website is worth a look). This is a real event that took place recently.

(From left to right)
Janine, Lennit, Rolf and Luke

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