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Outreach for Everyday Life

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 21 June 2007

There seems to be a general misconception surrounding outreach: that it is something that needs to be planned well in advance, and has to be a big project before it’s worthwhile. It seems to be thought that in order to make a difference in our communities we have to spend a lot of time, energy and money. Another misconception is that outreach is for those people who have a talent for it, it is not necessarily for everyone.

The truth of the matter is that we need to work together, we need to be coming together and all playing our roles – no matter how small – in order to reach those in need. In fact, it is these small roles that add up and make a huge difference.

For example, last week a few people from the 3D-Outreach office decided to take some toys to the dump, where many homeless people converge. There wasn’t much planning, they just put what they had in the back of a bakkie and went to the dump. They didn’t stay there long, but I guarantee that they had an impact on many young lives. Why? They showed the love of Jesus to these people; they placed themselves on the grounding of those people, coming out of the comfort their everyday lives. What did it cost them? – some petrol and a few hours of their time.

Perhaps some of us cannot spare a couple of hours during the day, even that is not necessary. Around us everyday we have people who need someone to reach out to them and show them love. How often do we drive passed people at robots who are trying to make a living by selling goods; how often do we see that homeless person who lives on the street around the corner from us; how often do we look the other way when people we come into contact everyday are hurting.

I have become painfully aware of this over the past week. In merely four months in Johannesburg I have gone from the shock of how many people are begging at the robots, to turning my face away and trying not to make eye contact. Already the sinking heartbreak at all these jobless people has turned cold. I was so judgemental when I arrived here – how can people be so cold as to not even make eye contact with these people – and yet I have become exactly what I looked down upon.

But there are so many people who are needing help, what can I as one person do to make a difference? Why not make an extra sandwich in the morning and give it to someone along the way to work who does not know when his/her next meal is coming from. It’s not a big thing for us, but for that person it is a meal they did not know if they were going to have or not. Imagine if 100 people in our community gave a sandwich to a person every morning. Wow. Like I said, it’s the small things that together make a huge difference.

May this be our task, to find new and creative ways to reach out to someone else. Let us start looking for practical ways we can help our community in our everyday life.

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