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Malawi Outreach – June/July 2007

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 18 July 2007

Praise be to God our Father for an amazing journey!

We left on Friday 22 June at 11pm, embarking on a two day road trip through Zimbabwe and Mozambique to our destination in Malawi. From the outset, it was a journey filled with prayer and a realisation of God’s power and love.

Our team consisted of 10 people from different walks of life who had decided to give up two weeks to go on a missions trip. The purpose of the trip was to be a support, in any way possible, to a long term missionary family in Malawi – The Mollers. In conjunction to this, would be the opportunity to experience the ‘behind the scenes’ reality of missions.

The two weeks we spent in Malawi were divided into multifaceted dimensions. Mornings started with POUCH, which is a dynamic way to delve into Scripture. Basically, the team divided into groups of 4 and studied a specific passage together. After some time, we gathered as a whole and shared our insights. It was a truly awesome experience.

The rest of the day would then include various activities that the individuals in the team could choose. These activities were:

– printing and binding of booklets on Jesus’ parables

– practical work on the village house

– time with the villagers

– bible translation

– volunteer work at the local clinic

– the opportunity to spend a night in the village

Besides these daily activities, we also had a day of prayer. It began with personal one on one time with God, then a time of sharing and lastly a prayer walk through the various villages. Again, a beautiful experience.

Furthermore, we attended the local church and had the opportunity to share through preaching (with a translator) and song. It was a very interesting time, especially because the culture is so different to ours and therefore things are done quite differently to what we are familiar with.

Over and above the hard work, we had great times of socialising and experiencing Malawian markets, ice-cream and food. Friendly people, lush landscapes and fresh air embraced us.

We were even fortunate enough to spend a day at Lake Malawi to relax and enjoy the untouched beauty that Malawi offers.

All in all, it was a life-changing experience for most of the team members and a trip that shall be ingrained in our hearts forever!!

What follows are comments from the individual team members about their personal experiences.

“The trip to Malawi was an educational one and an eye-opener. I have come away with many lessons learnt as well as a more accurate view of what being a full-time missionary is actually all about. The biggest thing I have come to learn is that it’s all about the small things. Too often we try to “save the world” and get disappointed that the huge things we had hoped for don’t happen immediately. What we overlook is how important the small everyday actions are, and what is the point of doing the big things if our everyday lives are such that they do not reflect the Christian values that we so easily preach to others.

What blew my mind the most was the people. The people who came on the trip, Keith and Christeen, and the people of the villages. There was such love, peace, kindness, humility and encouragement. It was a time of blessing as all these qualities were poured into my life. It leaves a great example for me to follow”

– Kerry-Lee van Heerden

“This outreach has been a very important time for me. The most pivotal thing is that it has confirmed my decision to go into full time ministry by serving our Lord in missions. I start at BTC on Monday 9 July 2007 and I am filled with confidence because of this trip. I’ve been stretched (and strengthened) physically (e.g. creating fire-breaks in the village), mentally (e.g. observing Bible translation in Mangochi) and spiritually (discussing scripture with the team everyday). In this, the Lord has really brought perspective to my view of missions. I really can’t wait for my next trip”

– Craig Bosman

“My experience of Malawi has been life changing. My husband and I came on this trip expecting to serve, but we have gained so much in return. Very wise words were spoken to my husband and I, sitting on the sand looking over Lake Malawi. So often we ask what is God’s will for my life, instead we should change this question around, because God isn’t here to serve us. We should ask, “How can i use my will to serve in Your Kingdom” This was the greatest thing I learnt in Malawi”

– Genevieve Bosman

“For the past five years, God has been calling me to go into full time missionary service. As a result of going on this short term mission trip, I have made a decision to study at Baptist Theological College full time next year. In faith, I am going to trust God to provide the finances that I will need.

God gave me the following passages of Scripture on this trip – Genesis 32:44-46, Joshua 1:9 and Jeremiah 29:11”

– Janine Gopper

“In the past two weeks God has impressed one thing on my heart: “Mission is the heart of God”. I have been able to see God at work and being part of what God is doing in Africa. My ministry has been enriched mightily and I will forever cherish the experience”

– Sibusiso Mfeka

“Coming on this trip has for me been a life changing experience. Initially there was a lot of doubt as to whether I would make this trip at all. Malawi has been amazing for me and I have had the pleasure of not only being part of a great team but also good team leaders. I found the people of Malawi absolutely amazing, each possessing their own gifts and personalities. Working with Keith and Christeen has been a pleasure and the organisational skills that have gone with the planning of this trip, I have found to be unquestionable and very thorough. For me, my interaction with the Mollers and villagers has been life changing, so much so that I believe God has called me to serve Him in full time missions”

– Gordon Matthews

“I have been truly blessed during this mission to Malawi. Not only from those there, but also with the interaction of those on the trip. Such love and encouragement from everyone.

I went still seeking my ministry and purpose in life, and have come away with confirmation, peace and direction. Our God is a faithful God!

Even though I won’t be able to go out into a mission field like Malawi – there is plenty to do on the home front. My work within the rural community at home is very mission orientated and I learnt so many valuable lessons that can be used there. I also recognised a need to educate myself further in this regard so will look out for courses or books on mission work.

I’ll also be able to help Keith and Christeen with some tasks back home and so the contact will continue. Knowing first hand their needs makes it easier to pray for them.

I have really come with a renewed zest to go out and be His hands and show His love wherever I can.

Thanks 3D for all the work organising this and for being obedient to God’s calling in your lives. You are all an inspiration to us”

– June van Heerden

“I found this trip to be a very enriching experience. I often find receiving and significance in doing – never sitting still, always on the go, this trip helped to teach me to love people by listening to them, listening to their agenda, not my own (not what I thought they needed). Also witnessing Keith and Christeen’s life, added greater meaning to what Christ meant when He said “Pick up your cross and follow Me”. My comforts were evident in the light of a lack of theirs. Then God taught me through my team members that every one being different is not a threat to me – they are an added value and blessing in my life. It was an amazing experience”

– Melody Reavel

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