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Benoni Baptist in Xai Xai

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 18 October 2007

3D-Outreach is committed to consulting with various churches in order to assist them in getting short-term missions trips and programs up and running. In this way, 3D-Outreach recently partnered with a Benoni Baptist short-term team to Xai Xai, Mozambique. Michelle, one of the Benoni Baptist team members, had the following to say about the trip:

At 02:10am on 1 September 2007, thirteen members of the Benoni Baptist Church departed from BP Tom Jones Road Benoni for the Komati poort border on a divine mission. From there, they entered into Mozambique, a poverty-stricken and war-torn country. It is a land of beauty and great need, of pot holed roads and ever-famous cashew nuts. It is also the location and base of the 3D-Outreach team – a dynamic bunch of 6 young people who have given up a year of their lives to serve and spread the Word of God in the little village of Xai Xai.

While in Mozambique, the Benoni team had the privilege of lodging at the Youth for Christ campsite. It is appropriately named Bethel, ‘place of God’, and it is truly a place where the presence of the Lord is so tangible, one can’t help but feel it.

In Xai Xai, the Benoni team joined up with the 3D-Outreach team in what proved to be a powerful ministry combination. Together, they presented the Passion of the Christ film to the local village and approximately 150 people gave their lives to the Lord. They also ministered to children, resulting in the development of a Sunday School, hosted a soccer tournament to build relationships with surrounding villages, and did AIDS presentations in local schools, among other things.

The Benoni team also came alongside the 3D-Outreach team and offered some much-needed practical assistance. In addition to general handiwork around the 3D-Outreach team base, they plastered the kitchen/dining room, painted the bedrooms, made shelves, hammered down the roof, added a breather pipe to the long drop, and even made and hung curtains for the 3D-Outreach team.

The Spirit of the Lord was most definitely with the team at all times and each member was blessed in a very special way. The Benoni team was especially touched by the work and hearts of the 3D-Outreach team members. 3D-Outreach has most definitely made an impact on the community and will leave behind God’s fingerprints in many ways and on many hearts.

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