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Ladysmith outreach

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 3 April 2008

Our short-term department and year intern teams recently took a joint trip to Natal where the year interns went through a 4-day agricultural training session in Ladysmith and the short-term team joined a group from Ladysmith Baptist Church in a practical outreach to Rookdale Baptist Church.
While in Natal, the year intern team was taught by Pastor Murray Tessendorf of Ladysmith Baptist Church how to plant and tend a garden to produce the greatest yield, what plants to grow when, and what mistakes to avoid. The interns were given the opportunity to visit a subsistence farm as well as a commercial farm and learned about some of the struggles and advantages of each.

Most importantly, however, Pastor Murray taught the interns how to use agriculture as a tool to reach people with the love of Christ. He also opened up a new understanding for the interns of the many teachings of Christ which revolve around planting and harvest. He challenged the interns to scatter the seed of God’s Word wherever they go and whatever they do, trusting God to produce a harvest.

The short-term department spent much of Saturday with a team from Ladysmith Baptist Church painting Rookdale Baptist Church, which is pastored by Thomas Hlongwane. They had a fantastic time working with the locals to prepare God’s house for future events and services. They were joined on Saturday afternoon by the year intern team who took the opportunity to run a children’s program for the many children who had gathered to watch and help work on the church. The short-term team then held an impromptu evening service in the newly painted building on Saturday evening.

Overall, it was an eventful weekend for both the short-term and the year teams departments. We are very grateful to Pastor Murray Tessendorf and Ladysmith Baptist Church for pouring into our interns and for their incredible hospitality and we look forward to what God does through both Ladysmith Baptist and Rookdale Baptist as they continue to sow seed into fertile hearts throughout Natal.

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