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Lesotho – February 2008

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 30 April 2008

On the 8th of February, we were due to depart with a team for Xai Xai, Mozambique on a building expedition. The day prior to departure, we were advised that Mozambique was experiencing a certain amount of unrest and the missionary we were going to join was not happy with the team crossing the border from a safety perspective.

At 19:00 on the 7th February, we made the decision not to cancel the trip completely as all the preparation had already been done, but rather to change our direction and head elsewhere for the weekend. We felt that God was perhaps calling us to a different area away from Mozambique rather than not going anywhere at all.

We prayed for an urgent answer from God with regards to our thoughts and without fail, our prayers were answered and all the right doors were miraculously opened, enabling us to seek out and settle on a new location for our trip.

So, at 06:00 on the morning of the 8th of February, with a small group of five, we headed for the mountains.

Approximately 150km over the Ficksburg border, deep in the heart of the Lesotho Highlands, was the location of a cultural explosion that we were blessed to experience. We had the privilege of joining hands with the pastor of a Baptist church in a small little village near to the Katse Dam wall.

We camped on the church premises and had no electricity. Our only source of water was a little tap providing water from a stream running down the mountain. We were experiencing rural life in the purest sense of the word and were surrounded by the magnificent beauty of God’s untouched creation.

We were received warmly by the locals and were invited to join in on a traditional Sesotho circumcision celebration, as well as a funeral for a young man of 20 years who had been struck by lightning.

The opportunity arose for the team to take part in the Sunday church service through telling a children’s story, preaching and sharing testimonies and words of encouragement for the local people. We also had the opportunity to hand out a few soccer balls which had been donated to children in the community.

We had a wonderful time. Relationships were built and a path was paved for future trips to the area which we are very excited about. We look forward to see how God leads us in the future with regards to working more in Lesotho.

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