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Intern Team May Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 3 June 2008

Area of Ministry: Umtata, Transkei
Local Missionaries: Barry & Louise Adkins (www.zema.org)
Time period: Two months (April & May)

The Intern Team’s two month outreach in the Transkei has come to a conclusion. They returned home on 31 May 2008 for a much needed rest week with family and friends.

Their second month in the Transkei (May) was filled with new challenges and many exciting opportunities! The team continued with their regular work in the preschool, tutoring, practical hands-on assistance etc. but also began working in the local high schools.

They taught lessons on Teenage Pregnancy, Self Image and other life skills topics. They were invited to attend a youth camp as well and had the opportunity to feed into the lives of young people. It has truly been an amazing time of building great relationships with the local children, teenagers and adults.

Spiritually and personally the Team Members have grown from strength to strength. Learning to work together, overcoming cross-cultural challenges and being stretched beyond their limits at times. God has done awesome works through them and in them!

After the Team’s rest week, they will return for a week of debriefing and orientation for their next outreach. Their second leg of outreach will be in the the village of Mpulungu in Zambia (Lake Tanganyika). They will be supporting Div & Eleanor Du Plessis – the local missionaries (www.ltprayer.org) – with various forms of ministry.

We would like to thank Barry and Louise Adkins for the input and experience that they have given our Intern Team. We pray that God will continue to grow their ministry, give them the strength and wisdom that they need and bless them as a family.

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