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Edenvale Baptist Mozambique Trip

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 August 2008

Just recently, our Short-Term Department joined up with Edenvale Baptist Church on a short term mission trip and experience of a lifetime! The location of ministry was in the very north of Mozambique. The first venue was a town called Cuamba, and the second, a town called Mulanje. Our trip was done in conjunction with a pastors training college in Beira called ITM. We made a stopover there en route to the ministry venues and were hosted for the night by some locals in the nearby town of Macuba.

At ITM, each student is sent out to plant a church during the third year of training. As part of the church plant programme, they are required to arrange a conference with all the local pastors in their area. The purpose of EBC’s mission trip was to be involved in pastor training, ministering to the ladies and spending lots of time with the children at two of these conferences.

Here is what Tamsin Oneil, one of the team members, had to say about the experience:

The mission trip to Mozambique was easily the best experience of my life. The presence of the Lord was very real every day and His hand of protection held us throughout our trip. When crossing the border and driving through Mozambique, it was as though we were invisible to the officials. When one of the bakkies broke down, we encountered a “good Samaritan” not once but twice. He was a local man who was unable to speak English, but he did not hesitate to fix the bakkie, enabling us to safely reach our destination of Cuamba. (He seemed like an angel!)

The generosity of the people is something I have never encountered before. They would give us their last few jugs of water for a bath out of their personal well and lay down straw mats for our comfort while they sat in the dust. Some of the local women went out of their way to give us the cleanest spot in the river to wash our clothes – leaving their washing till after we had finished. We were served more food than we were able to finish and from their best dishes. The children treated us like royalty and the love we were shown will be imprinted on our hearts forever.

The ministry to the kids was heart-warming, exciting and touching. Most of the children had never heard the gospel before and we thank the Lord that we were given the opportunity to plant seeds in their hearts through the help of our translators Joao and Inno. Playing with the kids was energizing and we learnt from them how to play the games and sing the songs that they entertain themselves with everyday. The kids are a closely knit community of friends and they look out for each in every way. A little girl of about 5 or 6 will carry her young sibling on her back the whole day, giving up her play time to look after her precious brother or sister.

The Lord really answered our prayers when it came to the team dynamics as well. Living in such close proximity with 12 people was a great experience. The team was such a blessing – encouraging one another and helping each other through all the highs and lows that go with such a trip. Speaking to the members of the team, we all miss each other and bonds have been created, new friendships have been made and lives have been spoken into – all thanks be to God our Saviour, to whom we give all the praise, honour and glory, for His hand of protection, breathtaking beauty, precious people and the incredible opportunity of being part of this mission trip.

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