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Zambia Intern Testimonies

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 8 September 2008

We asked each of the team members to share about their outreach in Zambia. It’s wonderful to have the chance to hear from them about their experience of the culture, ministry and challenges. Each team member has grown spiritually and emotionally in incredible ways.

Suzette Haupt:

The Zambia trip was the most challenging trip thus far. It was however also absolutely amazing! I was involved in children’s ministry, day care, adult literacy and a lot of creative work. I have grown intensely during this outreach – God has been challenging me and revealing more of Himself to me. I now know that I need to count the cost of following Christ. On a personal level I have learnt how to deal with the emotions that sometimes control me. I enjoyed the experience very much, especially because it incorporated working with people from a different culture. Spending time with the local missionaries in Zambia was invaluable and the things I learnt from them have made a lasting impact on me.

Lehlohonolo Sambatha:

It was an honour and privilege to be part of the outreach to Zambia. When we arrived we were given some hands on tasks to complete. I had never really understood that practical work could be a form of worship to God – the missionaries in Zambia showed me that Work is Worship. It was an awesome realisation. We were also involved in a Discipleship Program with the missionaries, which helped me to grow a lot in my Spiritual walk. It gave me the opportunity to deal with areas in my life that I had not considered before. The prayer walks improved my prayer life and strengthened my faith. All in all, it was a truly exciting outreach!

Stephanie Salvage:

I really enjoyed my time in Zambia – to experience a new part of Africa was amazing. I had the opportunity to work with frontier missionaries and see what happens behind the scenes. Our team were involved in a variety of ministries according to their gifts, these included: painting, English lessons, physical labour, children’s ministry, youth ministry, daycare and prison ministry. Personally I think I grew a lot in these 2 ½ months. I have become a stronger person who understands what it means to persevere. Spiritually, God used different situations and people to reveal areas in my life that needed work – God moulded and stretched me in ways I didn’t know were possible. Being involved in missions has really opened my eyes to the needs in the world. It made me realise that there is so much more out there than just my little suburb in Cape Town. It was really a life-changing experience!

George Nel:

I was involved in a lot of physical work in Zambia. This gave me the opportunity to build relationships and minister to the people who worked with me. It also placed me in a position to minister to the fisherman who worked in the area. Most of the people I worked with were surprised that I was willing to do physical labour with them. The fact that I worked as hard as them was in and of itself a testimony. I was sad to say goodbye to everybody in Zambia, as I had become really close to the missionary family and the people in the area. I praise God for the things that He did through me during this time and I look forward to completing this race with strength and enthusiasm.

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