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Intern Team September Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 15 October 2008

Area of Ministry: Gaborone, Botswana
Local Missionary: Desmond & Lara Henry (Youth Pastors)
Time Period: 8 September – 16 November 2008

The Intern Team’s outreach into Botswana has taken on a slightly different dynamic compared to their two previous outreaches. In this leg of outreach, the Team is working under the Youth Pastors of Open Baptist Church and their current area of ministry is more urban than their previous locations.

While in Botswana, the Team has been a part of Face The Nations – a program which teaches abstinence in schools using dance and drama. They have also helped with the Thlamelo Feeding Station – a feeding program for local children which is accompanied by Bible teaching.

The Intern Team has also been involved with the regular ministries of the Church. These include Cell Groups, Young Adults, Practical Work, Administration, Youth, Worship and Sunday Services, amongst others.

It has yet again been an opportunity for the Team Members to meet an amazing variety of people. This is especially true in regards to the International Teams that come to help in Botswana, as the Intern Team has recently been working with an American Team as well as a and German Team.

There are also some miscellaneous projects in which individual Team Members have gotten involved, such as starting up a rehabilitation programme and building a church in one of the more rural areas of Gaborone.

Please continue to pray for the Intern Team as they head toward the end of the year. Pray for them to have strength and energy for the ministries they are assisting and supporting.

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