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330 Young People

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 2 January 2009

This December, 3D-Outreach once again had the honour and privilege of running an outreach at BYSA’s back-to-back Summer Camps in Barkley-West, South Africa. Between the two four-day camps, over 1800 young people flooded the Pro Regno campsite, and over 330 of them chose to join us on an outreach into the local township of Mataleng.

Each young person on the outreach took part in two preparatory workshops where they learned a little bit more of what missions is about as well as some practical skills on how to reach out to others cross-culturally.

The day of outreach for both camps was extremely hot, but the campers were eager to put into practice what they had been learning in workshops. Every time we do an outreach of this magnitude, we are amazed to watch what God can do through willing hearts. The campers spent the first part of the afternoon doing door-to-door visitation, spending time with the local people.

The campers, whether intimidated by the prospect of ministry or not, just jumped right in and met people, played with children, and encouraged one another. Some helped unload a bakkie for a local clinic, some prayed for healing, some explained the gospel, some danced with the children, but each young person played a significant role, and we are very proud of their efforts.

Afterwards, all the campers met at a local stadium where they did a children’s program which included sports, stories, dramas, singing, dancing, and giving out some juice to a lot of very thirsty children! We ended the day of outreach back at the campsite where we joined in a powerful time of sharing testimonies.

A special thanks to sponsors for loaning us 20 two-way radios and enabling us to keep in touch with group leaders and organise campers and transportation while in the township as well as to all of the drivers who transported over 330 young people to and from Mataleng. We are also extremely grateful to the Barkly-West Police Force for accompanying us to the township and the medical team for being on standby. We so appreciate those around the world who offered their prayers to make this a successful event. We couldn’t have done it without you – to God be the glory!

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