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Return to Zimbabwe

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 26 March 2009

Over the weekend of 13–15 March, 3D-Outreach returned to Zimbabwe for the second time in a month with another load of food. This time, the food was delivered to Harare Central Baptist Church. From there it will be distributed to surrounding high density and rural churches where there are families that have no money and are starving.

The trip was also a pilot venture for the LifeStraw Africa Project. LifeStraw is an incredible invention that will aid people to drink clean, healthy water straight from its source. They proved to be a huge success and we have discovered exactly how needed and welcome they are in Zimbabwe at the moment.

Overall, the trip was long and trying, but again all your prayers were answered. We were kept incredibly safe and could see God’s hand in every instance.

Here are some testimonies from some of the team’s experiences:

“To travel to and from Zimbabwe for 40 hours makes every minute travelled, every conversation in the car, every friendship built, every uncomfortable sleep and no showers worth it when you know that you have fed 120 families for a month!” Lynn Lilienfeld

“I thank God who gave me the opportunity to serve the people of Zimbabwe and again thank Him for the protection and provision. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us because God did hear your prayer.” Ontlhabanetse Mamabolo

“I’m glad and thankful for the opportunity of being a part of this trip and was really encouraged by everyone else who came with. I can really see how God used this weekend to have a far greater impact than I would have done had I stayed in Johannesburg for the weekend. It was a great opportunity to serve a few Zimbabweans, and to learn more about their current situation.” Steven Rushton

“Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with beautiful people. It was incredible to see how God’s hand was on us the entire time, guiding us on difficult roads and through tricky boarder situations. Daniela and I feel totally blessed to have been part of the food drop. My spiritual eyes were very much opened. What an experience to spend time with the guys from 3D – Outreach and the rest of the team.” Brent and Daniela Van den Berg

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