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Behind the Scenes

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 3 June 2009

While we know that God is always at work, we are also fully aware that we don’t always get to see the whole story. Sometimes, however, God allows us the opportunity to follow His trail and see His “behind the scenes” work. The following is just such a story of a recent glimpse we were given into God’s handiwork…

It started with a short-term mission trip in January 2008 to Embalenhle township. During that trip, the team visited and ministered in the Abasizikazi Home-Based Care Centre, an AIDS home and orphanage. Abasizikazi was established by one woman in the community who wanted to make a difference and is run by a few dedicated and hard-working volunteers who cooked, cleaned, and hand-washed all the children’s clothes. As the testimony of this experience was relayed to others upon the short-term team’s return, a sponsor came forward wanting to donate a brand new washing machine to the orphanage. In April 2008, 3D-Outreach had the pleasure of delivering the new machine to the Abasizikazi.

One year later, in April 2009, 3D-Outreach’s Intern Team spent the month in the same township of Embalenhle. Our Intern Teams are trained to serve the needs of the communities in which they spend time, and realizing that Abasizikazi needed some help cleaning and reorganizing a storeroom, they jumped right in. They also helped replace the filter on the very same washing machine which had been delivered the previous year. They even had the opportunity to minister to the young people in the Centre.

As the month progressed, some of the Intern Team members discovered that a young boy in Embalenhle was being physically abused in his home living situation. They contacted the police, hospital, and social workers and also approached the Abasizikazi Centre. Being unaware of 3D-Outreach’s previous connection to Abasizikazi, the interns were surprised to see the newspaper article clipping of the washing machine delivery of 2008 as they entered the manager’s office to discuss the boy’s plight.

The already established relationship with Abasizikazi, beginning with the washing machine, the cleaning of the storeroom and the other various assistance that the interns were able to give proved to be an incredible blessing. The manager of Abasizikazi was extremely supportive in making arrangements for the young boy to come to the Centre, going out of her way to oversee the arrangements and make sure that all of his paperwork was in order so he could enter immediately.

God’s hand was so evident throughout the whole situation, and it is amazing to see the sequence of events which resulted in the transformation of one boy’s life. We give God all the glory and praise Him for His faithfulness!

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